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For the owners of the first decoration, they are completely confused about what style to decorate their homes. In the end, they are still dissatisfied with what style they have tried, so many people choose the mix and match style. So, what should we pay attention to when designing the mixed style? What is the effect of matching? Next, Xiaobian will recommend you a set of decoration renderings in the mixed style of three bedrooms and two halls of poly central residence. With temperament and a little romance, it's really satisfying to feel such an exotic style at home

decoration owner files:

community: Poly central residence (more decoration renderings of poly central residence) house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration style: mixed style decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 100000 decoration company: Lu Gong mansion decoration

Design Description: every time I see my new home now, I have the impulse to laugh. When I decorated the house, I wanted to install a strong Mediterranean style, Because I don't know anything about decoration, I ordered the furniture before decoration. This is what I want to remind you. If you are a rookie, don't start too soon. You'd better wait for decoration before buying furniture! Otherwise, it may be thousands of miles away from the feeling you want... It was a pleasure to get the newly decorated house. Because of my impulse, my family became a "hybrid" of neoclassical and Mediterranean, which made me wonder. Later, I read many renderings and magazines online, and my mood was a little better. Originally, there was another style called "hybrid". Immediately, I positioned my home as a mix and match fashion, and blankly embarked on a trendy route. ok It's also a kind of fashion, and I recognize it!! Don't say that the mix and match style of our family is more and more pleasing to my eyes. If you don't believe it, look at it:

the neoclassical sofa is certainly gorgeous, and the fabric on the sofa is very exquisite. This handicraft is simply adorable. The copper decorations on the sofa are particularly expensive, and the curves on the sofa are also very rhythmic. I looked like this sofa at first glance, so I impulsively took it down at that time. My living room as a whole seems very domineering, It may be the reason for the sofa. The flannelette background wall behind is like the sea, which makes me yearn very much

let's take a look at the decoration of my home. On the whole, my home is an exotic style with all kinds of Customs - the Mediterranean. The characteristic ceiling cost me a lot of thought, and the worker master was tortured by me. However, the effect is really unusual. There are several arched door openings, and walking in the aisle is like walking in an ancient castle in the Mediterranean, which is very wonderful!! Seeing the furniture in the room, I realized that it was a "mix and match"

talk about this corridor that fascinates me. The wall lights in the corridor are warm and warm, which is the warmest place in my family. The arched door opening makes the porch look very long, and the mysterious atmosphere is very interesting. This porch corridor is what I saw other people have and asked the designer. Hoohoo, everyone said it was very good. (finally succeeded once...)

considering that the kitchen should be clean, I chose a white cabinet, with some romantic blue and purple in the middle. It is simple but not simple. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I have an impulse to cook. In fact, I can't do anything. Such a spacious and beautiful kitchen is a waste

introduction to poly central residence community

poly central residence is the chief residence area of Nanhu Lake in Wuchang built by poly China. From Beijing, Shanghai to, poly insists on growing together with cities, gathers global strength development teams, and accelerates regional development from an international perspective. In the past 18 years, poly had 8 cities and 9 residences, which made the residence a standard setter. Relying on the convenient urban system, graceful environmental system, prosperous supporting system and classic architectural system... Poly Real estate, with its strong qualifications, has created a never before existed mansion area and constructed a respected and elegant "mansion area" residential style

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