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The National Day holiday has always been a heavy promotional day for businesses in various industries, and Wuhan home building materials market is no exception. On the seventh day of the national day, discounts, cash and luxury gifts... Decoration concessions are enjoyed all the time. The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network found that since entering the September mark, the promotion and publicity of major stores have been in full swing. According to the analysis of insiders, many businesses have done a good job in the early stage of the autumn clothing season

with the advent of national day, shopping malls are vigorously promoting

the national day seven days is approaching in people's expectations, and the consumption climax of the home building materials market is also approaching. The small and long holiday will also drive the burst of holiday consumption passion. Xiaobian learned that many shopping malls in Wuhan are ready to go. I think before and after the National Day holiday this year, Wuhan decoration owners will have another decoration feast to enjoy

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in the face of promotion, owners should shop around.

in the face of so many and so large National Day promotional activities, insiders remind consumers and owners of the matters that should be paid attention to when participating in the activities:

shop around. Using the National Day holiday, you can visit stores and stores more, learn more product information, compare and measure quality, price and service in many aspects, and choose products and services with the highest cost performance

when the cost performance, quality and price are relatively unified, try to buy goods from stores, because there are more additional services in stores during the National Day holiday, and various discounts such as lottery, cash back and gifts can get greater benefits

focus on the quality of products, and do not focus on low prices. Product quality and after-sales service should be the key to consumption, and do not blindly pursue low prices




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