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With the broadcast of the popular drama "the legend of the red shadow of the classics of mountains and seas", the editor always hovered in his mind about the four divine beasts of ancient China, and could not help but associate them with Pianpian

in ancient times, the ancients divided heaven into four palaces, East, West, North and south

it is named after Qinglong, Baihu, Zhuque and Xuanwu respectively

actually divides the sky into four parts,

is formed by connecting the seven main stars in each part, and is named after its shape

there are also four masters in the world of martial arts novels:

Eastern evil, Western poison, southern emperor and Northern beggar. I believe you must be familiar with it

so, is it in the home decoration board industry

today, let's lie down, the four beasts of the plate industry

first, rosefinch

rosefinch is a sacred beast representing fire and the south. In today's plate industry, rabbit babies are the hottest

Dehua Bunny decoration new material Co., Ltd. takes promoting the green process of the industry as its own responsibility, actively integrates various advantageous resources to participate in global competition, advocates the concept of green consumption, and takes high-quality and high environmental protection products as the carrier, is committed to building China's most influential comprehensive service provider of decorative materials, realizes the transformation and upgrading from manufacturing industry to brand service industry, and strives to build resource advantages, innovation advantages and brand advantages, Vigorously implement the six monopoly systems to realize the leapfrog development of enterprises

let's talk again. Qinglong

Qinglong, also known as "Canglong", is the Oriental God in ancient mythology. The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation. Since the Yellow Emperor gave orders to heaven and Weize the four directions, the dragon has become the symbol of the Chinese nation and even the whole China. The relatively clear shape is in the Han Dynasty. Since the Han Dynasty, the dragon has been identified as the symbol and representative of the emperor

fine craftsman is like a green dragon. In just a few years, fine craftsman has been promoted to a national brand in China's building materials industry, creating a myth of the plate industry

the trademark pattern of the craftsman of fine wood is a small house formed by the beginning letter jcyj of the craftsman of fine wood. The green edge with the theme of environmental protection forms the symbol of green home

"fine wood craftsman" belongs to Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. It is a medium and high-end environmental protection board brand focusing on the original ecological concept. Its business projects include: plate, household supporting hardware, flooring, environmental protection glue, wallpaper and other major categories. It has won many awards, such as China's top ten plate brands, China's top ten influential brands in the building materials industry, China's excellent green and environmental protection products, well-known building materials brands, CCTV advertising strategic cooperation brands, online review eco board top ten brands, and China's national brands

then, white tiger

white tiger represents the God of war, and has a variety of divine powers, such as avoiding evil, disaster, praying for abundance, punishing evil and promoting good, getting rich and getting married

there was once an article on the Internet: "King coconut - let love go home". The article tells the story of a new couple who met because of King coconut and entered the palace of marriage. This is the charm of white tiger's marriage

Hangzhou dawangye Holding Group Co., Ltd., as a member of China's home building materials industry, has more than 600 dawangye brand stores across the country, providing consumers with three series of home decoration materials and supporting products, including plates (paint free board, blockboard, decorative panel, integrated material, multilayer board, cabinet board, gypsum board, etc.), hardware, flooring, etc

finally, it is natural to have basalt

basalt represents the God of the north and is a symbol of immortality. Just like the Millennium boat group, it has a history of 18 years

Millennium boat group, the promoter of healthy home building materials in China, has been specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of home environmental protection building materials such as blockboard, multilayer board, decorative veneer, flame retardant board, floor, wooden door, wardrobe, hardware, glue and so on since 1999

difficulties and hardships make you succeed. From the initial trials and tribulations to the current market, fine craftsman has made half of the domestic plate market. In the increasingly heated market competition, the transformed and upgraded plate brands can learn from the experience of brand building of fine craftsman. If the dealers who are interested in galloping in the plate industry, fine craftsman is really a good choice

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