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1. What is the correct distance between the sofa and the tea table in front of it

in the living room

1 What is the correct distance between the sofa and the tea table in front of it

30 cm

it is very comfortable to place a rectangular tea table (130*70*45 cm high) in front of a couch (240*90*75 cm high). The ideal distance between the two should allow you to pass by yourself and be easy to use, that is, you can easily get the cup or magazine on the table without standing up

2. What should be the minimum size of a large combined cabinet that can place televisions

200*50*180 cm high

this type of furniture is generally composed of squares of different sizes. The high part is more suitable for placing books, and the thickness of the cabinet should be at least 30 cm; The thickness of the cabinet used to place the TV in the lower part shall be at least 50 cm. At the same time, the overall height and transverse width of the combined cabinet should be coordinated with the area of the wall

3. If you put a sofa that can accommodate three or four people, how big should you choose to match the tea table

140*70*45 cm high

in the case of a large sofa or two long sofas placed together, a low tea table is a good choice, and the height is best equal to the position of the sofa cushion

4. How much distance should be reserved between armchair sofa and TV

3 meters

here refers to the shortest distance between a 25 inch TV and an armchair or couch. In addition, the height of the cabinet where the TV is placed should be between 40 cm and 120 cm, so that the audience can maintain a correct sitting posture

5. What is the ideal size of the tea table next to the sofa

Square: 70*70*60 cm high. Oval: 70*60 cm high

the coffee table placed next to the sofa should have a table that is not particularly large, but the higher type should be selected, so that you can easily and comfortably get things on the table even when sitting

6. How much space do the two face-to-face sofas and the tea table in the middle need to occupy

the distance between two double sofa (specification 160*90*80 cm high) and tea table (specification 100*60*45 cm high) should be 30 cm

7. How high should the backrest of a couch or armchair be

85 to 90 cm

such a height can put your head completely on the backrest, so that your neck can be fully relaxed. If the * back and armrest of the sofa are too low, it is recommended that you add a * pad to get comfort. If the space is not particularly spacious, the sofa should be placed against the wall as much as possible

8. If the living room is located in the center of the room and you want to leave a corridor space behind, how wide should this corridor be

100 to 120 cm

the space in the aisle should allow two adults to walk head-on without colliding. Usually, 60 cm width is reserved for each person

9. What is the minimum distance between two diagonally placed divas

10 cm

if you don't need to leave an aisle, this situation will allow you to put another tea table




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