Silver Lake emerald 100 square meters rural style

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The house type in this case is somewhat irregular. In fact, the usable area is only about 90 square meters, which makes Miss Cheng very distressed. Therefore, through participating in the recommendation, she finally found Aohua decoration company to complete the house. After seeing the finished product, Miss Cheng was surprised and very satisfied. So what kind of amazing effect is it? Let's have a look

basic information of decoration in this case:

decoration community: Silver Lake emerald

decoration area: 100 square meters

decoration style: European style pastoral

decoration cost: 60000

decoration company: Aohua decoration (decoration map)

more decoration effect pictures:

the chandelier in the living room has a simple taste. I like it very much. The TV set is relatively large, 50 inch

isn't the sofa with small broken flowers beautiful. I like this sofa

sofa bed, iron frame and sponge are of good quality. The white workbench in front of the sofa feels that it should be very good to work on it

the bedroom also demonstrates the owner's personality and fashion. Color makes the bedroom more moving, style makes the bedroom more amorous, and details make the bedroom very romantic. Especially this elegant bedding

the dining table and chairs are bought from home stores, which are relatively expensive, but I like this style very much, which is very unique




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