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Notes on the use of turbine vacuum pump manager yuan of Jinan assaying Sales Department said that when the turbine vacuum pump is used in the vacuum system, its running speed is high. The operating speed of the multi-stage machine is generally 5000r/min, and the operating speed of the single-stage machine is more than loooor/min. Therefore, the whole turbine vacuum pump equipment needs a large foundation to prevent the equipment from generating high-frequency vibration

2. Due to the large power of a single turbine vacuum pump, the load fluctuation of system electricity will be caused when starting or stopping the equipment, and the starting of each turbine vacuum pump requires a certain interval. Before each startup, the motor protection program will check whether the shutdown time is within a specified time interval

3. Why did the impeller speed of the turbine vacuum pump reduce the import of waste paper very high in 2018? This is beneficial to the processing of the equipment and the detection of materials with very large or very small elongation and the obtaining of accurate experimental results. The installation accuracy requirements are correspondingly improved. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out high-precision dynamic balance test on the impeller at high speed

4. In order to prevent moisture or foreign matters from entering the turbine vacuum pump, there must be a large concrete vacuum separation tank, which is separated by stainless steel plate, and the maximum wind speed shall not exceed 3m/s

5. After the installation of the turbine vacuum pump equipment, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the pipeline to prevent foreign matters from remaining in the pipeline and damaging the equipment

6. Air will generate large noise in the process of accelerated compression and release. During design and installation, the turbine vacuum pump is generally installed in a relatively closed room to prevent noise diffusion

the above six points are precautions for the use of turbine vacuum pump

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