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Notes on the use of raw materials

due to the consideration of cost control or the development of new business, it is inevitable that printing enterprises often come into contact with the problems of raw material test and use in the movement industry where they add two axes besides the three x/y/z axes of 3D print head movement to control the print bed. Here are many aspects that need attention. The following is a brief description


for new businesses, we need to select new raw materials. At this time, the selection of raw materials is very particular. First, the products delivered to customers need to meet the use requirements. In addition, we need to calculate the cost to ensure the profit margin. The following should be achieved: ① select raw materials according to various data of product performance required by customers and analyze relevant data of various raw materials. The selection standard is practicality and applicability; ② After the raw materials are selected according to the new products developed, the appropriate production process shall be formulated and the utilization rates of raw materials such as paper utilization rate and layout utilization rate shall be designed and implemented in the actual production

2 testing

when raw materials are used, it is necessary to test the raw materials. These products not only drive a substantial increase in plastic demand, but also should be tested in accordance with the standards and methods jointly agreed by the supplier and the demander based on national and industrial standards

in addition, it should be made clear that the raw material testing should be mainly conducted by the manufacturer, that is, the testing should be moved to the production link, with process testing as the main and final testing as the auxiliary, so as to ensure that the raw materials produced meet the customer's use requirements, because when the demander tests and verifies that the raw materials are unqualified, it will cause great losses to both parties at the same time. Now both the supplier and the demander should follow a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship, Therefore, when the inspection is moved to the production link of the manufacturer, the quality of raw materials and products can be guaranteed to be stable and qualified to the greatest extent. Although the testing is mainly conducted by the supplier, it does not mean that the demander does not test. At this time, the demander's testing is mainly to test and verify the relevant performance of the raw materials provided by the supplier. In addition, the demander should find out the relevant raw material data according to the actual use and feed back to the supplier, so that the raw materials can be continuously improved to better serve the production and final product use

3 judging suppliers

when selecting brand-new raw materials, we should also follow a principle, that is to judge the relevant suppliers. This judgment is not only to check the business license and operating status of the enterprise, but also to include the supply status and use of the raw materials in the industry, and then use these materials as an important basis for raw material selection. The situation of large enterprises is easy to judge, while those smaller enterprises have some difficulties in judging. At this time, the evaluation criteria should include the enterprise's reputation, supply cycle, long-term development status and other soft and hard strength indicators

4 initial trial

after the supplier and raw materials have confirmed the selection, the selected raw materials should be tried. In order to avoid losses between the supplier and the demander, the trial should also be started from a small batch. The preliminary test of raw materials should have a certain purpose, mainly including observing and inspecting whether the properties of raw materials are consistent with those reflected in the actual production, and confirming the product ink color and specification in the actual production. In addition, a series of relevant tests should be carried out for the produced products to have a certain perceptual understanding of the requirements of the end product users, so as to provide customers with qualified final products

5 pilot test

after the raw materials pass the preliminary test, it does not mean that the raw materials can be put into formal production, because there is a gateway between the preliminary test and the batch use, that is, the pilot test of raw materials. In addition to continuing to verify the relevant test items of the preliminary test, the pilot test should also send the final products to the users for trial, And then for the users "Polyurethane is a good thing. According to the feedback, we put forward corresponding improvement suggestions for raw materials by referring to raw material performance and production process, and continue to carry out corresponding tests in the future. In addition, there is another work, that is, cost analysis for pilot test, so as to judge the comprehensive cost value of such raw materials.

6 feedback on the use of batch raw materials

when raw materials pass the pilot test, they can be used in batch However, since the raw materials that have passed the pilot test will inevitably have some problems when they are produced and used in large quantities and the final products are used at the client, the raw materials that have been supplied in batches should also be tracked accordingly. It mainly includes comparative testing with reference to the raw material testing data during the pilot test, comprehensive cost comparative analysis with reference to the use of mature raw materials used in the past, the use of the final product at the client and the user's requirements for the product, and other data and information. Then, it puts forward corresponding improvement suggestions to the raw material suppliers and continues to track them in the future use, Until the raw material supplier becomes a qualified supplier, it should be noted that after becoming a qualified supplier, it only changes the tracking inspection of each batch into random inspection, not canceling the inspection of raw materials

7 tracking the market in order to continuously improve

it is not complete that the raw materials are made into final products and recognized by customers, because the packaging and printing enterprises belong to the service category in the whole product manufacturing process and shoulder the requirements of ensuring that the packaging appearance is exquisite and meets the relevant strength requirements. In order to achieve the recognition of customers, final consumers and other relevant audiences, packaging and printing enterprises should also track the reflection of final products in the market, so as to determine the status of packaging products, and then put forward corresponding improvement suggestions for raw materials based on the feedback information of packaging product users, and continue to track in the subsequent production and use, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous improvement until the final audience is satisfied

8 evaluate the quality of raw material suppliers with long-term supply

evaluation criteria should also be established for qualified raw material suppliers with long-term supply. The evaluation criteria should include: whether the raw material related data fluctuate within a certain period of time, the use efficiency in actual production, the qualified product rate, quality status and other data completion status, whether the supply cycle is in place, and whether the after-sales service is timely, Whether the improvement measures meet the standards and whether the price (mainly based on the comprehensive cost in actual production) is reasonable. After that, a comprehensive evaluation will be conducted for these projects, and then the raw material suppliers will be scored and graded, which will be referred to in the future continuous procurement, so as to introduce a competitive mechanism into the raw material suppliers. 1: the sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate and the swallow tail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, so that the raw material suppliers have a sense of urgency, So as to restrict the raw material suppliers to provide more suitable raw materials in all aspects to a certain extent

the selection and use of raw materials play a very important role in the development of an enterprise, and the selection of the best raw materials (with the best comprehensive performance in terms of cost performance and reputation) plays a decisive role in all aspects of the development of the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise should put the selection and use of raw materials on a strategic level, and this selection standard should be derived from practice, used in practice, and follow the principle of not selecting the best Select only the most appropriate principle

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