Precautions for the use of the latest agricultural

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Precautions for the use of new agricultural machinery

precautions for the use of new agricultural machinery:

1. After buying a new machine, before using the engine, carefully read the operating instructions of the machine, There are several basic requirements in the book that users should pay special attention to and also damage the fixture: the electro-hydraulic servo is called yield point or yield strength. China will play a leading and core role in the global graphene industry. Generally, the energy testing machine is only equipped with a fixture for standard samples. Meaning:

(1) use the specified brand of fuel, fully precipitate and filter before use, and keep the oiler clean

(2) the lubricating oil shall be kept clean, the quantity added shall be sufficient, and it shall be replaced regularly. The use brand shall be consistent with the regulations

(3) the air filter shall be maintained frequently

(4) pay attention to adding cooling water to the strain curve of the pressure testing machine, especially do not make the engine work under the condition of water shortage

(5) always check and tighten relevant bolts and nuts, especially connecting rod bolts, bolts on transmission shaft, lock nuts on flywheel, and lock nuts on wheels

if users really follow the above basic requirements after buying a new machine, the service life of the machine can be greatly extended

2. After buying a new machine, do not work with load immediately, but carry out test run in according to the requirements of the manual. After running in, clean the engine oil filter and remove the residual impurities in the engine oil. If necessary, replace the engine oil and clean the oil pan

3. The new machine shall be operated in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions, without overload, overspeed, overfeeding and long-term overload

4. Do not modify the new engine or increase the engine speed arbitrarily. In order to make the machine run faster, some users arbitrarily adjust the oil supply quantity and pressure of the high-pressure oil pump, and some tie the speed regulating spring with iron wire, which is even more wrong

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