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Prediction and Countermeasures for the future of China's printing and packaging

China's packaging and printing level has achieved great development in the past decade, just like China's economic level. From the export of Chinese products to local packaging replacement in the past, to now many foreign manufacturers order packaging from China, this is a earth shaking change. With the new development of China's economy, some new trends are also affecting the development of the industry. How to predict these changes, prepare for the rainy day, and obtain the market opportunity has a significant impact on the future development of enterprises

in the past two years, the first biggest change affecting the development of the packaging and printing industry is the supply of human resources. In the past, the dream that China's cheap labor resources were almost unlimited and could be supplied for at least a few decades has been dashed. In the past two years, the Pearl River Delta has begun to experience a labor shortage, and there is a large gap of cheap general workers. At the same time, labor costs have also risen sharply with the gradual implementation of local policies. This change was already expected. The fruits of reform and opening up need to benefit the working people. The recent policies of the central government also show this idea. It can be predicted that in the next decade, the labor cost will continue to rise, and the change will be the rising range. Therefore, this will greatly reduce how fast the capital expenditure is. The second significant change is that there is a shortage of land everywhere. The land price has risen sharply. The expansion mode of purchasing cheap land to build factories in the past is unlikely to be realized in the future. How to rely on existing resources to get the maximum output has become the direction of consideration. The third development trend is that China will not continue to develop in the mode of low-cost dumping in the future. The next predictable goal is to enhance the value of products

all these factors have begun to change the development direction of the whole industry. How to deal with the future? The author quotes the words of Professor Wang Qiang of Wuhan University: quality is the premise. Under the condition of ensuring quality, the future development direction of the industry is to reduce costs by improving efficiency and reducing consumption, and to strive for greater living space by providing value-added services

there is no doubt that the first consideration is quality. Products without quality cannot be accepted by customers. Quality is affected by the market. Different markets have different requirements for quality, and quality standards are constantly improving and developing. At the same time, market competition is also affecting users' judgment on quality

secondly, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements of users, price is another important factor affecting users. However, the price is subject to the cost and profit. Reducing the price by cutting the profit is tantamount to stopping thirst. However, to reduce the cost, it is also subject to the price of raw materials and labor costs. Today, the labor cost continues to rise. Only by improving efficiency and reducing consumption can we have the opportunity to reduce the overall production cost. How to improve the added value of products? The only way out is to fully grasp the market demand, meet the needs of customers, and create added value with innovation

taking the design of box in box as an example, the packaging of oral liquid used to use ordinary straight-line boxes, and the inner lining is the middle box of various conventional plastic granulator equipment that is most widely used in plastic, playing the role of separation and protection. Through the design of box in box, the packaging is simplified, the cost is reduced, the packaging is convenient, and the transportation cost is also reduced. For users, reducing the comprehensive cost of packaging means an increase in corporate profits. At the same time, for the printing factory, due to the innovative box design, the business volume has increased. The orders shared by several previous companies are now enjoyed separately, and the profits of each box have also been greatly improved. This is the tangible benefits brought by innovation. 1. Generally, the elongation at break of PE is 90% ~ 950% (among which the elongation of LLDPE is higher)

in many cases, when packaging and printing enterprises consider reducing costs, they first consider reducing equipment investment costs, raw material costs, personnel salaries, etc., but in actual operation, it is found that these measures are unrealistic. In many cases, desperate compression will restrict the development of enterprises. What should be really considered is how to reduce the comprehensive production cost. On the basis of a deep understanding of the needs of users, through rational planning of production processes, the application of the latest technologies, improve production efficiency, reduce the scrap rate and energy consumption, and finally reduce the cost

take an ordinary packaging and printing factory as an example. Its production plant covers an area of about 4000 square meters and is equipped with a four-color offset press, a domestic die-cutting machine and a domestic folding box pasting machine. There are about 200 workers in the factory, with an annual sales of about 15million yuan. Its main products are cardboard and e-tile packaging boxes

due to the limitation of equipment capacity (subject to accuracy), when competing with other manufacturers for an order for a medicine box, it takes 12 pieces (4 open) to print 20000 pieces, about 2 hours, about 5 hours for die cutting, and about 12 hours for pasting 240000 small boxes. If high-precision equipment is used, take the boster die-cutting and box pasting machine as an example. Due to its high precision, it can use enough pages for 24-hour splicing, requiring only 1 hour of printing time, 2 hours of die-cutting and 4 hours of box pasting

in this way, only through the improvement of equipment efficiency, under the condition of the same raw material consumption, the equipment cost is reduced by about one third. In addition, the reduction of labor, the reduction of the turnover of production areas, and the cost savings are even more considerable. At the same time, the delivery date was 12 hours earlier, and the competitiveness was strengthened. In one year, with the same site and the same staff, the business has doubled and the profit has also been expanded. This is the change of enterprise competitiveness brought about by improving production efficiency

quality, efficiency, low consumption and value-added are the only way for Chinese packaging printing enterprises to open the oil return valve in the future. Grasp the future one day earlier and win the competition one day earlier

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