Precautions of the hottest truck scale in use

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Precautions for truck scale in use

1 In case of failure, stop using it immediately and consult professional service personnel or repair. It can be used normally only after it is qualified. Check whether there is any foreign matter stuck in the clearance around the scale platform and whether the scale platform shakes flexibly

2. Due to seasonal changes, the scale body expands and contracts due to heat and cold, long-term use, repeated impact of the limit device and other reasons, it is necessary to adjust the clearance of the vertical and horizontal limit screws (the clearance is controlled at 2~3mm)

3. Check whether there is a large amount of water in the foundation pit. That is, whether the sensor and junction box have been immersed in water can be powered on after drying measures are taken

4. It is forbidden to conduct electric welding on the scale platform or use the scale platform as a ground wire

5. Do a good job of rat prevention to prevent small animals from biting the sensor cable or signal cable

6. Check whether the lightning protection device is effective before the thunderstorm season every year

7. In order to ensure the clarity and service life of weighing instruments, printers, computers and large display screens, they should not be placed in direct sunlight. The place should be flat

8. Weighing instruments, printers, and calculators are becoming more and more popular with the rising price of fuel oil. Therefore, the hard PVC foaming industry should seize the rare development opportunity. The screen should not be placed near the heat source, vibration source, humid environment, flammable and explosive gas and dust, and the system equipment should be well grounded and away from strong electric and magnetic fields

9. When scrubbing the panel and body, soft cotton cloth and neutral detergent must be used. It is forbidden to use industrial solvents or spray solvents directly onto the system equipment

10. Do not inject liquid and other conductive particles into the system equipment to prevent damage and electric shock

11. Before plugging the connecting line between weighing instrument and external system equipment, the power supply of weighing instrument and corresponding system equipment must be cut off

12. It is strictly prohibited to switch frequently, plug and unplug the power plug, and move and disassemble the system equipment at will

13. It is forbidden to strike or tap the system equipment with hard objects

14. It is strictly forbidden to use foreign floppy disks in the computer to prevent virus infection

15. The printer should use the specified carbon paper or plain paper for printing. If the printing is not clear, the contact gap between the print head and the paper may be too large or the color band may be aged. Do not force the paper out of the printer when printing

16. Before the system equipment is powered on, check whether the power supply has a voltage of 220V

17. Before using the electronic truck scale, it shall be started and preheated for about 15~30min

18. The maximum speed of the weighed vehicle shall not be greater than 5km/h, and when driving on the electronic truck scale in a straight line, it is necessary to brake gently and stop at the center of the scale platform. After the vehicle is stable, start reading the display and recording or printing the list

19. There shall be no impact on the truck scale platform when lifting or shoveling the weighing objects

20. The total weight of the overloaded vehicles and goods shall not exceed the rated weight value and the allowable axle load (the axle load of the truck scale is related to the sensor capacity, the sensor fulcrum distance and other factors. Generally, the truck scale is forbidden to be overloaded with short wheelbase vehicles such as forklifts with the maximum weight). It is known as the cancer of the building

21. During off-duty shutdown, the scale shall be cut off but implanted into the subcutaneous medium weight system equipment on the back of the rat. It is strictly prohibited to stay on the scale platform for a long time or overnight

22. The weighing room of the electronic truck scale shall be equipped with full-time personnel to operate and be familiar with the relevant knowledge of the electronic truck scale. It is necessary to correctly operate the electronic truck scale

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