Precautions for the use of water-based adhesive fo

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Precautions for the use of water-based adhesive for flexible packaging composite

water based adhesive is a newly emerging environmental adhesive in plastic film composite. Because its diluent is deionized water, it will not cause harm to the environment. Once it is launched, it is quickly favored by the market, but the following two points should be paid attention to in its application

1. Due to the bidirectional nature of the molecular structure, it is best to apply the composite between the plastic film and the aluminized film, that is, the non-polar end will be firmly connected to the film, and the polar end will be firmly connected to the aluminized layer

2. Since water is not volatile, the drying process is strictly required. The temperature should rise uniformly from low. The drying air volume is sufficient, and the wind speed is controlled at 8-12m/s. The anemometer can be used for measurement here, but it must be noted that the impeller and sensing part of the anemometer must be made of metal. For example, the CF-II anemometer of landmark is made of aluminum impeller sold in China. Generally, the anemometer uses ABS plastic as the impeller, which will deform and lose its function in an environment that exceeds the requirements, principles and methods of the ordinary protection and maintenance of the cold and hot impact testing machine by 60 ℃

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