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Precautions for type selection of ultrasonic level gauge

① attach importance to instrument type selection. When the instrument type (e.g. intelligent Precession Vortex Flowmeter) has been selected, it is very important to maintain a clearance of about o.5mm to eliminate the fault, and then it is important to select the instrument gauge 11. lift cylinder adjustment height: 0 (5) 00mm grid and its supporting components. In a word, you can only use it well if you choose it well. Therefore, two basic principles should be grasped in the process of model selection; Namely: first, ensure the use accuracy and second, ensure the production safety. To achieve this, three model selection parameters must be implemented, namely, the maximum, minimum and common instantaneous flow in the near and long term (mainly used to select the size and specification of the instrument), the design pressure of the measured medium (mainly used to select the nominal pressure grade of the instrument), and the working pressure (mainly used to select the pressure grade of the instrument pressure sensor). Nantong Guoyi has established made in China 2025 Industrial Development Fund dynamic instrument Co., Ltd. ()

② to carry out pre use calibration. On the one hand, considering that there are still some difficulties in the field verification of such instruments. In addition, if the purchase intention is to apply this instrument to more important measurement occasions, such as large flow trade measurement or measurement points with prominent measurement disputes, and the application site does not have flow calibration conditions, then in this case, it is too early to easily determine that all the performances of the meter are qualified only by a piece of factory certificate provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the measurement results of the instrument in the future work process, it is necessary to send it to a department with the verification ability and qualification in this regard for a system verification within the full flow range before formal installation

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③ do a good job in process installation. Although this kind of instrument does not have many special requirements for process installation and service environment, any type of flow measurement instrument has such a common feature, that is, it is necessary to avoid the interference of vibration and high-temperature environment with the flow pattern (such as compressor, separator, pressure regulating valve, reducer, manifold, elbow, etc.) as far as possible, and check whether the sensor is normal in the front and back straight pipe sections of the instrument? The general data obtained by measuring the sensor with the resistance block of the multimeter are: About 405 at the input end; Output terminal 340 or so; The resistance of the two leads at any one end and the other end is 280. The inner wall is smooth and straight to ensure that the measured medium is a clean single-phase fluid

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④ strengthen later management. Although this kind of instrument has a variety of automatic disposal functions and micro power consumption characteristics, it still needs to strengthen management after it is put into operation. For example, in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the instrument for long-term operation (to avoid accidental shutdown and data loss), it is necessary to regularly calibrate the system (every 1-2 years), copy the meter data (every day or every week), change the medium parameters (every month or every quarter), and irregularly check the battery condition, instrument coefficient and lead seal

⑤ pay attention to internal maintenance. If the measuring chamber and its components of the instrument need to be regularly inspected or cleaned due to dirty gas or other reasons, special attention must be paid to one point: for the Precession Vortex Flowmeter of the same specification, its core components such as vortex generator and guide body cannot be interchanged, otherwise, It is necessary to recalibrate the metering coefficient of the instrument and systematically calibrate the temperature and pressure sensors it is equipped with.

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