Looking back on the year when the innovation of Ch

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Looking back on the year when the innovation of China's printing industry broke out

when we look back on the development footprint of China's printing industry in 2011, trying to find a keyword that can reflect this year, innovation is the most significant and frequently mentioned by many entrepreneurs and media. Taking China print and all print as examples, the two major exhibitions in the industry in 2011, we deeply feel the innovation vitality of Chinese enterprises in the field of machinery manufacturing and consumables. New products and new technologies make people welcome unremittingly, as if 2011 had become the year when Chinese enterprises showed their innovation

in the author's view, this is not an accidental coincidence. In fact, after more than 30 years of rapid development of China's printing industry through reform and opening up, Chinese enterprises have passed the primary development stage of primitive capital accumulation. In addition, the impact of the economic crisis in recent years and the continued depression of overseas printing markets have led to the gradual shift of the world's printing industry center to the East, and more and more advanced printing R & D centers and production bases have been transferred to China, This has a noticeable impact on promoting the development and industrial upgrading of Chinese local enterprises. The more important factor is the change of China's printing consumer market and the rise of labor costs, which promote enterprises to develop more automated and digital advanced equipment and technology. For these suppliers, their customers have been completely different from decades ago

at the recently concluded Shanghai all printing exhibition, the author interviewed many leaders of domestic equipment suppliers, and their sharing is enough to confirm that 2011 has become an innovation year for China's printing industry

Zhejiang Guowei

at this exhibition, the products of Zhejiang Guowei showed the achievements of the company's long-term technological innovation to a certain extent. This time, we exhibited the most leading cutting production line in China, and unveiled the largest cutting production line in China for the first time. Guowei is in a leading position in the production line. Mr. Lin Xiaoguo said that at the same time, we will adjust the size of the experimental space and display the small paper cutter supporting digital printing, which is also the leading product in China at present. We produce and sell this equipment in full accordance with the standards of the European and American markets

at the booth, the cutting production line brought by Zhejiang Guowei attracted particular attention, mainly reflected in the improvement of the degree of automation, which can automatically complete all-round actions such as taking paper, breaking paper, cutting and unloading paper. The whole production line can be completed easily and smoothly with the operation of two people. It greatly improves the comprehensive efficiency of the paper cutter and reduces the labor intensity. Mr. Lin Xiaoguo told the author

Hangzhou Dongxin

talking about the exhibition, president Xu of Hangzhou Dongxin said: our company still attaches great importance to the exhibition this time, which has achieved our expectations in terms of effect. Dongxin 1160 thermal CTP plate making machine and other products were displayed at the booth of Dongxin Lingtong electronic industry company. The audience were very interested in our products and were interested in the material experiment in the automobile factory

Dongguan Licheng

in an interview with the All India exhibition, Tuo of Dongguan Licheng believed that with the development of social and economic level and the improvement of people's demand level, I believe that the traditional hardbound equipment will gradually withdraw from the stage, and the new equipment with a higher degree of automation will occupy the market. Taking the equipment exhibited as an example, hy618 high-efficiency touch screen PLC program-controlled glue passing line is a representative of highly automated products. Tuo told the author: Hongya hy618 high-efficiency touch screen PLC program-controlled glue passing line has a beautiful appearance, introduces foreign advanced novel structure, and adopts the operation platform combining PLC control system, servo motor positioning system and touch screen to make the operation simpler and the parameter adjustment more flexible, Reduce manual parameters and adopt other similar specifications of oil with kinematic viscosity of (100 ℃) 11 (1) 4 cm, so as to improve the classification of high-efficiency material testing machine and make the whole machine run more stable and reliable

When talking about the current main product types of the company, President Cheng of Nanjing zhuonang said: the biggest highlight of Nanjing zhuonang at this exhibition is the newly developed zn-300s full-automatic high-speed food paper bag machine, which is also the most popular product on the booth. Chairman Cheng told the author: our device has several advantages: 1. High degree of automation; The debugging is convenient and the size and specification can be adjusted on the touch screen; 2. The mouth of the produced paper bag is flat, and the finished bag is precise and neat; 3. The production stability of the equipment is high. Under high-speed operation, the stability of this equipment is greatly improved compared with similar products

2011 is the first year of China's 12th five-year economic plan. China's printing industry has shown steady development strength. At the same time, we are more pleased with the maturity and innovation shown by enterprises. It is undeniable that there is still a big gap between our enterprises and those leading enterprises in the industry, but we have been on the right path

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