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Olympic Games on another field: looking for Lovol "forklift hero"

Olympic Games on another field: looking for Lovol "forklift hero"

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Rio Olympic Games are in full swing. In the rainstorm in July this year, there was such a group of people who stood up for their homes, relatives, friends, and even people they didn't know, and risked their lives to save them from the flood. On another field, it is interpreted as "higher, faster and stronger"

on July 19, a flood disaster broke out in Xiaozuo village, Xiaozuo Town, Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province due to heavy rainfall. After the flood, Hebei satellite TV reported on the "forklift hero" rescued that day. This video is popular in the local and Lovol's circle of friends. It is precisely because of this video that Lovol's road to find heroes begins. This is destined to be a road with a beginning and no end

the story begins with a 4:16 Video: in a flood in Xiaozuo village, Xiaozuo Town, Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, Lovol loader customers spontaneously participated in flood fighting and disaster relief, went back and forth countless times in the flood, and rescued more than 200 people. Lovol construction machinery group reacted quickly after seeing this small video from its circle of friends, immediately set up a "forklift hero" search team, and rushed from Qingdao to Xiaozuo Town, Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang overnight. 7.4.2 the sampling number is as shown in Table 4

you know the ruthlessness of the disaster through mountains and rivers.

on the way to Xiaozuo village, Jingxing County, the search team saw that the roads along the way were uneven and muddy, the trees on both sides of the river bank were uprooted, and the village houses were incomplete. After searching day and night, Lovol's search team finally met the forklift owner and director Gao of Xiaozuo village on the bank where the flood occurred at that time; At the post disaster reconstruction site of kulongfeng village, which is 10 kilometers away, I met our Lovol loader and loader zhangjianlong. They have long been affectionately called "hero car" and "forklift hero" by the villagers

"everyone would have done this at that time." In the conversation with director Gao, he said calmly. In the communication with director Gao, we learned that a total of 416 households were affected in Xiaozuo village that day, and a total of 6 Lovol loaders and other loaders participated in the rescue of that day. Among them, Lovol loaders performed prominently, rescuing more than 200 villagers. During the conversation, we didn't see the frustration of director Gao at all. On the contrary, he always stressed: "as long as people are still there, we can rebuild and build better."

after in-depth communication, we learned that director Gao was one of the most severely affected people. Not only was his home destroyed, but all the three factories he contracted were destroyed overnight. At that time, director Gao didn't know that his factory was also being swallowed up by the flood. He didn't expect that his products and millions of equipment would soon be buried in the flood. But when he saw people everywhere on the roof and on the car, he gave an order: "save people first, don't care about anything else!" It's such a simple order. It seems to be an instinctive reaction, but it actually contains boundless love

director Gao said in the final exchange: "I am a party member and a village director. Although the state, armed police soldiers and enterprises and institutions like Lovol have given us timely rescue and selfless help in post disaster reconstruction, no matter how much rescue and help, I know that the most important thing for us is to save ourselves from the heart and build confidence for reconstruction from the heart. Your arrival is to give me the greatest support and encouragement. We don't want these materials you bring us , because your arrival, from my heart, from the hearts of the whole village slowly built up confidence, we all know that we are not alone! "

Lovol "hero car" participating in the rescue

hero cherishes the hero disaster, and no lover is affectionate

we found that Lovol loader and its operator were in kulongfeng village, another severely hit town, ten kilometers away, paving the way for post disaster reconstruction. At that time, "forklift hero" was taking a lunch break, and "hero car" Lovol fl956f was parked on the roadside. Seeing our arrival, Zhang Jianlong, the "forklift hero", sat up smartly. Jianlong was not tall, but a very capable young man, who kept smiling when he saw us, I have been communicating with you happily: "At that time, there was no time to think. There were people everywhere, and the water level was still rising. At that time, I drove this Lovol forklift without passing the wheel, and soon the water level reached the driver's seat. I sat on the water like this, and the car began to float and fall by buoyancy. At that time, I didn't care so much, and I didn't dare to step on the accelerator. It was idling, and the people on the roof were transferred out car by car, with more than 30 people in the most car, shovel The car was full of people everywhere. There were people on the top of the cab to place the oil needle knob. Because there was no way to see the road under clear water, the car should have been stuck in a crack in the stone and almost rolled over several times. At that time, it bit its teeth and groped and moved out, and finally safely sent everyone to the shore. "

Jianlong told us about the situation at that time and kept his optimistic smile. When we were asked if we were afraid at that time, Jian long said with a smile: "At that time, I didn't know that I was afraid, so I thought about saving people, but when I looked back after the rescue, I was really afraid. I almost rolled over several times and walked to the gate of death several times. But Lovol's car was really 'hard'. When the water level didn't exceed the driver's seat, I didn't know how many times I did it in the river and saved more than 200 people, but it didn't do anything at all. Almost all the other equipment had been scrapped After the rescue, Lovol immediately invested in the post disaster reconstruction work. Until today, it hasn't fallen for more than half a month. This is the car of 2009. It's been seven years since this year. I've been using it and never lost the chain. Sometimes I (1) tensile strength (maximum tensile stress) think we're almost together. "

Lovol loaders participating in post disaster reconstruction

of course, we know that Jianlong's 13 years of industry experience has played a decisive role in this rescue, but this should be the most beautiful language we have heard. Lovol construction machinery has paid for 18 years since its establishment, and it is worth the large amount of funds and domestic and foreign R & D talents it has invested in product R & D and manufacturing for 18 years

Lovol is looking for "Heroes", and we will use the power of the past

Lovol's search team is equipped with service personnel, equipment maintenance materials and consolation gifts to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of the equipment. After hearing the feedback from the front line, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group immediately informed Lovol's service personnel to do a complete machine maintenance for Lovol equipment free and a comprehensive overhaul of other equipment, We must not delay the post disaster reconstruction work because of equipment problems. In the later stage, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will continue to contribute to the post disaster reconstruction of Xiaozuo village

the search for "Heroes" has begun. LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will search for "Heroes" nationwide. This is a beginning, but it will not end. As long as Lovol construction machinery and equipment are used to make selfless contributions to the country, society and people, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will find him and give us the greatest help and cooperation

"the sun is always after the rain, please believe that there will be a rainbow..." floods, snow disasters, earthquakes, landslides, debris flows... We don't know what will happen in the future, but in the face of all disasters, Lovol will actively unite our users, overcome difficulties with action and love, and create a better tomorrow

Lovol helps, and great love continues. Natural disasters are merciless, and there is love in the world. In this way, our motherland will be more united; In this way, China will have greater courage to challenge difficulties! In this way, we can contribute to the realization of the great Chinese dream

the road to find "Heroes" has begun. This is only the beginning, but it will not end. Different venues, but they are all "Heroes" in our hearts. There are many "Heroes" like this. Lovol is looking for "Heroes". Even if there is a heavy task and a long way to go, we will use the strength of the wilderness

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