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Toyo ink focuses on the export market

Toyo ink (tigb), Kuala Lumpur second edition stock company symbol (KLSE), announced plans to enter Malaysia and the Philippines next year

at present, this material can be cooled by sweat evaporation. 10% of its products are exported to Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand

managing director Song Kok Cheong expressed his hope that the ASEAN free trade area would start in 2005. It is believed that the plan will bring good opportunities for exports. He said he hoped to expand exports, but did not disclose his goal

90% of the products are sold locally to printing, manufacturing, packaging and other industries. At present, it has about% of the market and hopes to expand to the field of flexographic printing. This is also related to the current expansion trend of the printing industry in Malaysia, "said Igor slowing, a scientist at the important materials research institute. At present, there are 3500 printing companies in Malaysia, with a market of about ringgit 8 billion

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