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People's electric appliances: looking for business opportunities at the Canton Fair

this news recently, the 110th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Canton Fair") came to an end in Guangzhou China Import and export commodities trade exhibition hall. As a barometer and weathervane reflecting the export of China's industrial electrical appliances, the Canton Fair has become a big stage for China's industrial electrical appliances enterprises to show their global strength. At this exhibition, the industrial electrical appliance brand represented by people's electric appliance became the focus, which was favored by buyers and consumers all over the world

in the electronic and electrical products exhibition area of the Canton Fair, the two-story people's electrical appliances exhibition hall was particularly "eye-catching", and merchants who came to consult and negotiate crowded the booth. "We need more and more Spanish and Portuguese foreign trade talents!" At this Canton Fair, the import and export company of people's electric appliance group showed its new South American sales team

however, at present, the foreign trade sales of people's electric appliances have reached about US $50million, most of which are in Southeast Asia. In order to explore more emerging markets for the battery cost accounting for 30% and (5) 0% of the total automobile cost, the company has applied for the certification qualification of its products in Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries since last year. "Every specification of products needs to be applied for once, and there are many kinds of our products," the on-site staff estimated. "So far, millions of yuan have been spent on certification, but only about a quarter of the products can pass the local qualification certification and get the right to sell."

in recent days, people's electric appliance has great potential for economic benefits, aiming at a hydropower project in Brazil. Although the investment cost is about 20million US dollars, it is not a major item. 4.2.3 room temperature rib fixture, people's electric appliance is equipped with the best negotiation team. The person in charge of the company believes that this is an opportunity for people's appliances to explore the South American market

"compared with the weakness of the European and American economies, the vitality of Brazil and Argentina represents more business opportunities." people's electric appliance import and export company rubbed its hands at the Canton Fair. The staff told with confidence that tariffs on local similar machinery and equipment have been lowered, which is conducive to people's electric appliance entering South America and gaining new market share; At the same time, affected by the international macroeconomic environment, domestic raw material prices, labor prices and other factors, the overseas market development of people's electrical appliances has shifted from the original European and American region to focusing on the development of Brazil, Russia, India and other "BRICs countries"

-- adapted from Zhejiang, with slight changes

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