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Looking for business opportunities in the plight of Pu thermal insulation building materials enterprises

when the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security issued a document in 2012 to officially loosen the B1 grade building exterior wall thermal insulation materials, facing the broad market prospect, the polyurethane (PU) building thermal insulation material industry is ambitious. Two years later, with the increasing attention paid to building insulation in China, the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings around the country is in full swing, and the polyurethane insulation material market has indeed expanded, but it seems that there is still a long way to go from the expectations of enterprises

passive rooms can use specially designed shade and other passive cooling means to keep cool "The market is really big, but our life is not easy, even more and more difficult." A person in charge of a polyurethane building insulation material enterprise told China Chemical News. What makes it difficult for enterprises to find business opportunities in the expanding market? The recycling method mentioned in the Journal of materials in Civil Engineering published in March, 2018 does not require high energy consumption. Sinochem news recently interviewed this issue at the China (Inner Mongolia) polyurethane exterior wall insulation technology seminar held in Hohhot

the market is expanding day by day, and the hardness tester should be adjusted to the level; (2) "It should be said that since the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security officially loosened the B1 grade building exterior wall insulation materials in 2012, the overall market of polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials has indeed increased, and the market share has increased significantly." Zhu Changchun, Secretary General of China Polyurethane Industry Association, told China Chemical News

Zhu Changchun said that the pressure on China's energy conservation and emission reduction targets is increasing day by day, building energy conservation has increasingly attracted the attention of all sectors of society, and the market share of polyurethane building insulation materials has increased. There are mainly the following reasons: first, the improvement of building energy efficiency goals. According to the basic goal of building energy efficiency development in China, new buildings should achieve 65% of the building energy efficiency design standard. At present, Beijing, Urumqi and other cities have raised the new residential energy-saving standard to 75%, and other cities are actively following up, which brings development opportunities for polyurethane materials with outstanding thermal insulation performance. Second, the number of energy-saving renovation projects of existing buildings in various regions has increased. At present, many cities in China are carrying out energy-saving reconstruction projects of existing buildings led by the government, and re laying thermal insulation materials on the original old buildings. Because polyurethane materials have good system fire resistance, they occupy the mainstream position in thermal insulation materials in many areas. Third, the pace of urbanization in various regions has accelerated. Due to the requirements of relevant policies and standards, medium and high-rise civil buildings must use fire-proof materials of grade B1 and above, which also provides a broad market for polyurethane materials

"because the price is higher than the polystyrene board, which is currently the most widely used, at present, the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings and some high-end buildings and public buildings are still the main fields of polyurethane material application. For example, in the comprehensive transformation project of old residential areas in Beijing, the market share of rigid polyurethane was about 50% in 2012, 76% in 2013, and this figure is expected to continue to increase in 2014." Baoyuqing, a professor level senior engineer of Beijing ZhuZong Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Chemical News

disorderly competition intensifies

however, there is still a considerable distance between the current development of polyurethane building insulation material industry and the expectations of some enterprises. Overcapacity and the ensuing market chaos are the lingering haze of the industry

"on the whole, the current market is disorderly competition. Due to the low production threshold, there are now more than 300 production lines of hard foam insulation board with an area of more than 1million square meters/year in China, and various small enterprises emerge in endlessly. When bidding for the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings is often carried out in a certain place, the low prices of these enterprises surprise large enterprises, and the product quality can be imagined." Gaochunqing, chairman of Langfang Huayu Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., said that although the market has grown, too many polyurethane enterprises have participated, and many small and medium-sized enterprises compete at low prices with unqualified products, disrupting the market order

according to the classification of flammability of building materials and products (GB) implemented in October last year, the oxygen index value of grade B1 thermal insulation materials must be greater than or equal to 30, otherwise they are unqualified products. For polyurethane materials, increasing the oxygen index means increasing the cost, so some enterprises began to make an issue on the oxygen index

"once, our company participated in bidding for an existing building energy-saving reconstruction project, and the price of polyurethane of the winning unit was less than 1200 yuan/cubic meter. Later, I went to the site to take samples and test myself, and found that the oxygen index was only 23." A person in charge of the enterprise who did not want to be named told, "the samples submitted for inspection are one sample, and the ones that are really transported to the construction site are another sample. In this way, the market will be chaotic, and everyone will not have to do it in the future."

the person in charge of the enterprise also reported to him that when he participated in the bidding, he often found many unknown enterprises bidding. Due to the lack of technology and experience, they would use some OEM or OEM products, and the quality was worrying

however, Ji Guangqi, a researcher at the Institute of fire protection of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, told him that according to his field visit to the energy-saving renovation project of existing buildings in Beijing, the test results of fire protection indicators of polyurethane products were relatively ideal

promote multiple measures at the same time

"the thermal insulation effect of polyurethane materials is obvious to all. From aerospace to refrigerator cold storage, including residential buildings and fire department buildings in many places, where there are strict requirements on thermal insulation performance, polyurethane materials are used. However, there are not many ordinary people who understand polyurethane materials, and it is difficult to clean up the market environment." Said tangzhiyong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Huafeng PUEN Polyurethane Co., Ltd

Tang Zhiyong said that at present, the public knows little about the advantages of polyurethane building insulation materials, and developers rarely publicize them as selling points, so they lack the power to promote their application. "Due to the lack of attention in the market, and the products used in the external finishes of buildings, even if there are quality problems, they will not be exposed immediately; and for the thermal insulation performance, it is difficult for the public to quantify and evaluate, so the market supervision and management of polyurethane building thermal insulation materials need to be improved." Tang Zhiyong said

in this regard, many polyurethane building insulation material enterprises focus on the promotion of products in the three northeast provinces, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other Alpine regions

"Now, we focus on promoting polyurethane building thermal insulation materials in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other cold regions. First, because the local temperature is low, there are high requirements for the performance of building thermal insulation materials, so polyurethane materials are more useful. Second, polyurethane materials are more applicable in many local color steel houses, dams, cashmere processing workshops and other places with high requirements for temperature and humidity. Third, local policies have certain requirements for the type of building materials , expanding the market share of polyurethane. " Fang Lili, senior consultant of China Polyurethane Industry Association, said

On September 15, Liaoning Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development and the Department of Public Security jointly issued the Interim Provisions on fire prevention of exterior wall insulation system of civil buildings in Liaoning Province, which requires that "when civil buildings use Class B1 insulation materials, thermosetting insulation materials should be used. Thermosetting insulation materials mainly include rigid polyurethane foam, phenolic foam board, etc." It is reported that Liaoning has become another province to distinguish the application fields of thermosetting and thermoplastic building external insulation materials after Xinjiang, Heilongjiang and other places

"Now we in Inner Mongolia have taken the lead in implementing the energy efficiency rating of green buildings across the country. We will pass the field test, refer to the energy efficiency rating system of household appliances, and rate the first, second, and third stars according to the thermal insulation effect of buildings. In this way, the people will know at a glance which houses have good thermal insulation effect and which have bad effect. Because building thermal insulation can significantly save electricity and reduce expenses, with this provision, developers will pay more attention to building Building insulation, and polyurethane materials will have more development prospects. " Yang Yongsheng, Secretary General of Inner Mongolia green building association, President of urban planning and Design Institute and professor level senior engineer, said

"from the perspective of improving building energy efficiency standards, if we comprehensively promote the 75% energy-saving goal in the future, the market share of polyurethane will certainly increase significantly. However, at present, the product price is also an important factor that must be considered." Ji Guangqi said


the market prospect is still bright

Yang Maoliang, President of China Polyurethane Industry Association:

polyurethane insulation materials are widely used in foreign markets. The application of polyurethane insulation materials in the U.S. market has reached 57%, and in Japan more than 32%. In contrast, the application of polyurethane in China's building insulation material market accounts for less than 10%. In China, polyurethane insulation materials are developing at a high speed every year

because of its irreplaceable safety and energy saving, referring to the situation of developed countries, polyurethane insulation materials still have a large market space in the future. The application and promotion in the field of building energy conservation will also drive the development of polyurethane raw material market

at present, the malicious competition in the polyurethane insulation material market has seriously squeezed the living space of compliant enterprises. Next, we should standardize the production order of polyurethane products nationwide, organize industry experts to carry out product quality inspection of polyurethane materials, resolutely expose unqualified products, strengthen punishment, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry

fengjinyu, director of the science and Technology Department of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Inner Mongolia:

for the vast northern regional market in the cold, the advantages of rigid polyurethane insulation materials are more obvious. A few days ago, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan of green building action in the autonomous region, which states that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the area of new, reconstructed and expanded green buildings in Inner Mongolia will reach 15million square meters, and the area of green buildings will reach 20% of the total amount of new civil buildings. To this end, Inner Mongolia will vigorously implement the green building strategy, ensure the realization of the green building action goals, and gradually form a green building industry chain including green building materials

at present, the wall insulation Market in Inner Mongolia is developing rapidly, and the engineering quality requirements for wall insulation are becoming higher and higher. The demand for products with high efficiency, heat preservation, energy conservation and environmental protection is increasing day by day. Under the all-round and strong promotion, many new energy-saving products, including polyurethane, will be well promoted and applied in Inner Mongolia

Xinbo, manager of the marketing department of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.:

because polyurethane is the thermal insulation material with the lowest thermal conductivity, using polyurethane as the external thermal insulation material of the external wall can increase the use area by 1% to 1.5% compared with other thermal insulation materials. At present, the completed area of houses in China is 1billion square meters every year. If calculated according to the difference of 1%, there will be a difference of 10million square meters in the use area of houses. From the perspective of the people and the government, it is more affordable to use polyurethane as thermal insulation material. On the other hand, if Pu is used as insulation material under the same use area, the building area of the house will be smaller than that of other insulation materials. When the plot ratio is certain, the land area will be smaller, which can achieve the purpose of land saving. As the market matures, property buyers and developers will take into account the impact of different insulation materials on the use area and promote the expansion of the polyurethane material market

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