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Overview of carton gravure pre printing equipment (II)

the printing department shows its magic power

Hongye Equipment Co., Ltd.

sleeve gravure press the sleeve gravure roller of q-press can be called a breakthrough in the gravure industry. Usually, the plate roller of gravure press is an integrated metal roller, and the printed graphic information is engraved on the surface of the metal roller. When changing the plate, you need to remove the gravure roller and replace it with another metal roller. The gravure roller of q-press of uteco adopts sleeve type design. When changing work tasks, it only needs to press a button, and the steam expansion shaft of the gravure roller will automatically inflate, which slightly expands the inner diameter of the sleeve plate roller composed of special substances, so that the sleeve plate roller can pop out from the side of the machine. With this sleeve type gravure printing plate, the time to replace a printing plate can be greatly reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute! Moreover, the cost of replacing a sleeve is far less than the cost of replacing the whole plate roller. Therefore, with more and more short print orders and increasingly fierce market competition, the revolutionary new model q-press of uteco is undoubtedly a powerful tool for all printing plants to remain invincible in the market competition

Xi'an Aerospace Huayang printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd.

Aerospace Huayang company took the lead in launching the special gravure printing machine for carton pre printing in China in the spring of 2002. So far, more than 10 sets have been sold. The number of pre printing equipment sold in China is the largest, and the technology is the most mature. The printing department structure of yad-51600p gravure prepress machine of the company includes: adopting shaftless plate mounting structure; The horizontal installation size can be pre adjusted to ensure that the initial position of the plate roller is consistent; The loading car can easily load the plate; The impression rubber roller is of the through shaft type, which can be quickly replaced, and is subject to cambered anti deflection treatment; The embossing roller is a back pressure steel roller pressurizing structure; The upper and lower parts of the imprint roll are linear bearing positioning direct pressing type, with fast clutch and shutdown self-locking mechanism; The embossing roller is pressed in sequence and released at the same time; The scraper device is pneumatic pressurization, clutch and three-dimensional adjustment structure; The overall adjustment of the scraper device can ensure the diameter of the printing plate Φ 250~ Φ 500mm scraping effect; The scraper serial motion is a double shaft serial motion, and the serial motion frequency is in proportion to the speed of the host machine; The vertical alignment adopts the upper and lower floating precision ball screw type, with full width compensation; The power gear box is a sealed oil immersed circular arc gear transmission structure; The deviation adjusting roller is equipped with an adjusting meter indicator; The ink fountain is self reflux open type, which can be manually adjusted up and down; The ink bucket has a capacity of 30 liters, the ink pump circulates the ink, and is equipped with an ink stirring stick; Self discharge electrostatic eliminator. Its specification is:

printing plate diameter Φ 250~ Φ 500mm

rubber roller diameter Φ 150mm polyurethane adhesive shore 80 ~ 85 °

maximum impression force 4000kg/full width

plate width 800 ~ 1650mm

back pressure roller diameter Φ 200mm

scraper movement ± 5mm

scraper pressure 300kg

Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

the printing department of Shaanxi beiren tazj701650 unit type carton prepress adopts the form of shaftless plate loading, with fast replacement and accurate positioning; The horizontal installation size is adjustable to ensure the unity of the initial position of the plate roller. Through shaft imprinting roller, which can be replaced quickly; The imprint roll adopts the direct pressing type of positioning guide roll up and down, which has high pressure, accurate pressure position, fast clutch and shutdown self-locking functions. The imprint roll is pressed in sequence and released at the same time. Pneumatic pressurization and clutch scraper device with three-dimensional adjustment can create the best scraper position angle. The scraper moves in series with two shafts, and the frequency is proportional to the speed of the host. Self reflow open ink fountain with large capacity. The upper and lower floating plate alignment rollers are used. The gear box is a sealed oil immersed gear transmission structure, and the power gear box is jointly designed with the pneumatic pressure group. Single side adjusting roller is equipped with meter indicator. Horizontal alignment has a scale, which can quickly enter the automatic control system of alignment

the coating section is a separate drive system, synchronized with the host, which can use coating rollers with different diameters from the printing plate rollers, saving costs. The double drying channel device enables the printing materials to be fully dried. The independent high-sensitivity tension closed-loop control system can produce stable tension output, which is conducive to printing. The tension control is linked with the main machine, and its scraper, ink tank, cooling, adjustment roller and other structures are the same as those of the printing department

Xi'an Qinhua Machinery Co., Ltd.

the printing department usually consists of an embossing roller system, a transmission box system, a printing plate support adjustment system, an ink supply system, a scraper system, an overprint compensation roller device and other mechanisms. The imprint roll system of Qinhua company's equipment is composed of imprint rubber roll, back pressure steel roll, linear sliding guide rail and return self-locking pneumatic system, which ensures good transfer of printing ink, uniform and stable pressure on the print amplitude pressure line, flexible and accurate lifting of imprint roll, self-locking of the parking table. Qinhua company has three kinds of transmission boxes and printing support adjustment for the pre printing of carton paper on 850, 1350 and 1650 machines, including the shaft supported plate clamping transmission system, the shaft less plate clamping transmission system and the plate roller removal trolley support system. No matter what kind of support transmission form, it has the function of unified initial version installation and pre alignment. The transmission box has high precision, low noise, ten-year durability, maintenance free, and the lack of lubricating oil alarm function. The ink supply system of the paper gravure printing machine produced by Qinhua company adopts the internationally advanced semi closed ink-jet supply mode. There is a certain pressure when the plate roller receives ink, which can make each hole on the plate get enough ink during high-speed printing, so that the printing quality is high. The scraper system of Qinhua paper concave machine adopts two structural forms: fixed and mobile. The scraper blade adopts Swiss high elastic combination. The pressure of the scraper is pneumatically floating and pressurized, and the pressure is adjustable. The axial moving speed of the scraper rises and falls as the working speed of the host machine rises and falls. The three-dimensional adjustment range of the scraper is relatively large, which can be adjusted into angle scraping and elevation scraping. The overprint compensation device used on Qinhua prepress machine can remember and repeat the parameters of the previous version, which greatly reduces the waste products of overprint at the initial stage of printing the same product again, and has been highly praised by users

drying system, the final guarantee of high-quality prints

Hongye Equipment Co., Ltd.

Italian Youtai, which is represented by Hongye Equipment Co., Ltd., will produce yellowing and aging of materials during long-term use. The sleeve gravure press q-press, which is suitable for short version printing, launched by uteco, adopts a series of designs to realize this concept around the concept of "fast, flexible and accurate". For example, the drying oven is driven by a motor and can be opened from the side, which greatly improves the speed of paper introduction. When the drying oven needs cleaning, because the drying oven can be opened quickly, the cleaning time is greatly saved. At the same time, q-press adopts an automatic cleaning system. When the machine is stopped or the version is changed, the machine can automatically recover the ink in the ink tank and then conduct automatic cleaning. When repeated orders are used, the machine can automatically set the position and pressure of the doctor blade, the pressure of the impression roller, the registration position, and the drying stability

Xi'an Aerospace Huayang printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd. caused high energy consumption in blast furnace lead smelting. The structure of yad-51600p gravure prepress drying system of aerospace Huayang company is: monochrome group has an independent steam heating and drying system; Japan intelligent thermostatic control system; Fully enclosed oven, negative pressure return air design around the oven, hot air does not leak, and can be used for secondary return air; The printing and coating unit adopts an extended oven design, which can ensure that the printed matter is fully dry; Pneumatic box opening and closing of guide rail; Flat mouth long air nozzle and centralized pipeline discharge waste. Its specification is:

5 Fastener fastening oven length about 2000mm

wind speed 60m/s

steam heating 900kg/h

hot air return utilization rate 0 ~ 50%

maximum oven temperature 120 ℃

maximum air supply 4500m3/h

fan power 11kw/color

Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd

the drying part of tazj701650 unit type carton prepress developed by Shaanxi beiren is designed as a monochrome group independent drying system, with intelligent continuous constant temperature.Control, It is beneficial to printing in various colors. The fully enclosed oven can utilize the heat source of the secondary return air. High wind speed and high flow can create a drying method with low temperature and high wind speed. Multiple return air paths have a whirlwind layout on the whole width, which is dry from the inside to the surface without blistering. The negative pressure design in the whole box prevents the outflow of hot air. The opening and closing of the box adopts guide rail pneumatic type

the cooling part is designed for water-cooled roll cooling, with large wrap angle, large cooling area and remarkable cooling effect. Example of cold water filling the roll body in the roll: change the software from the default installation directory to disk D; Circulation, forced circulation mode, the return water is self overflow and backflow. The roller body is placed on the rolling support, with small inertia, flexible operation and convenient maintenance

Xi'an Qinhua Machinery Co., Ltd.

the printing drying system used on Xi'an Qinhua paper concave prepress adopts hot air drying. There are three forms of hot air: electric energy conversion hot air, steam conversion hot air and hot oil heating conversion hot air. The design of the hot air hood has the structural and aerodynamic characteristics of sealed shape, waste suction negative pressure type, hot air nozzle type, return air orifice plate, working pneumatic opening and closing type, energy-saving secondary return air type, paper hot air vortex movement type and large air volume low temperature drying type, which meet the various requirements of the imported equipment drying system. The cooling system of the equipment of Xi'an Qinhua company adopts the double cooling mode, that is, the air cooling section and the water cooling roller have a better effect on the cooling of the printing materials

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