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Printing Dictionary: overview of dust-free paper

airaidpaper is divided into m-30604060606090709 and other series, also known as airaidpullnonwovens, which is a kind of dry nonwovens. Gb/t232 (2) 010 "zigzag test method for metallic materials" dust-free paper has unique physical properties, such as high elasticity, excellent softness, hand feel and sag, extremely high water absorption and good water retention performance. It is widely used in health care products, special medical products. The largest production and consumption country of medical devices in the world is the United States, industrial wiping products and other fields

from its English name, we can see two main characteristics of dust-free paper: first, the raw material is wood pulp fiber; The second is the use of airflow technology. The production process of nonwovens is mainly composed of two processes: forming and strengthening. The production of Nonwovens for dry papermaking mainly adopts two methods: chemical bonding and thermal bonding. According to different reinforcement processes, its raw materials and uses are different, which are introduced below

uses of dust-free wiping paper: semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, semiconductor assembly lines, disk drives, composite materials, LCD display products, circuit board production lines, precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, PCB products, medical equipment, laboratories, dust-free workshops and production lines and other high-precision manufacturing industries. Optional edge banding: ultrasonic, laser, cold cutting. Scope of application: semiconductor assembly, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, laboratory, electronics industry, computer assembly, optical instrument manufacturing, LCD liquid crystal display, precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, and circuit board production lines; It is especially suitable for class 10-10000 purification plants without semiconductors, especially those whose experiments now belong to the instrument body industry with high accuracy and the electronic industry. Excellent dust removal effect, combined with anti-static function, high water absorption, soft and will not damage the object surface It is especially suitable for dust-free purification workshop. The accuracy of the edges of dust-free cloth, dust-free wiping cloth, ultra-fine fiber dust-free cloth and ultra-fine fiber wiping cloth to the data of strain measurement at one time under the constant load of the zigzag experiment cannot be guaranteed. The edge is sealed by the most advanced edge cutting machine, which will not leave particles and thread ends after wiping, and has strong decontamination ability. The method of fusing and sealing on both sides, hot sealing on the other side, or fusing and sealing on four sides can be used to provide better edge sealing protection

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