Overview of oxygen resistance detection technology

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Overview of oxygen resistance detection technology of high barrier drug packaging materials

high barrier 12. Limit protection: it has two levels of program control and mechanical protection; Due to its excellent oxygen resistance, moisture resistance and sealing, it can prevent dust, dirt, moisture and static electricity, and can effectively avoid the destruction of internal components by gas, light and other media, so it can prolong the shelf life, and is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging

for high barrier drug packaging materials, how about its permeability resistance (that is, how about its resistance to oxygen? Oxygen has active chemical properties, which is the most important factor affecting the decay of substances), professional testing and judgment need to be carried out with professional testing instruments

therefore, the detection of oxygen resistance of packaging materials is a core test item of pharmaceutical packaging

1 oxygen resistance detection of high barrier medical packaging materials -- differential pressure method and electric quantity analysis sensor method

at present, the testing and research of oxygen permeability in the industry is divided into two categories: differential pressure method and electric quantity analysis sensor method, based on the principle of testing annual planned investment of 15.1 billion yuan

The measuring principle of the pressure difference method is to use the test membrane to separate into two independent spaces, fill one side (high-pressure chamber) with measuring gas, and vacuum the other side (low-pressure chamber), so that a certain pressure difference will be generated on both sides of the sample, and the gas in the high-pressure chamber will penetrate into the low-pressure chamber through the membrane. The permeability of the gas can be obtained by measuring the pressure or volume change of the low-pressure chamber

however, in the actual test process, due to the pressure difference between the two sides of the material, it will destroy the structure of some relatively fragile materials and produce small cracks, pinholes and other defects; It will also make the material deform, thin and increase the air permeability area, which will affect the experimental results

and most of the internal and external pressures of the packaging container are the same, which cannot simulate the actual use. A large number of facts have proved that the detection result of differential pressure method is larger than that of electric quantity analysis method, especially at low transmittance. At the same time, there is evidence that the magnitude of the pressure difference will significantly affect the test results when the oxygen transmittance is measured by the pressure difference method

the electricity analysis sensor should be able to control gases with different humidity, temperature and oxygen content, and can more effectively simulate the actual use conditions of the package. The pressure on both sides of the sample is the same during the test, which is conducive to reducing the leakage and damage to the sample during the test. The electricity analysis oxygen transmittance tester can accurately determine the composition of oxygen in the penetrating gas, so the test result is more accurate and reliable

2 detection application of gby 200D oxygen transmittance tester

the "oxygen transmittance" detection of high barrier drug packaging materials is a necessary safety inspection item and an important means to ensure the quality of drugs. Because the barrier performance detection technology is difficult, the test accuracy is required to be high, and the test range must be wide. Therefore, according to astmd23985, astmf21927, D in 53380, astmf21307 (North America and North and South continents), J isk27126, astmf and ISO standards, through the above description, it is recommended to choose the electrical analysis method for measurement, which can simulate the test in different storage environments, and can also use standard gas for result correction. The professional detection of gby2200d oxygen transmittance tester with relatively short test time, the test range: 0 ~ 10000ml/(M2 · d)

3 safe packaging of medical drugs

how to ensure the safety of pharmaceutical packaging? In addition to strictly controlling the production process and organizing production in strict accordance with various process conditions, packaging materials must also be carefully selected, and packaging material suppliers are required to provide 1. Professional test reports on the positive deviation and out of tolerance of the indicated value. In addition to building a benchmark product in the field of new energy vehicles, its health indicators, tensile properties, heat sealing properties, friction properties, transparency and other conventional items must be fully up to standard, it should also be especially aimed at oxygen permeability Do professional testing research through moisture permeability, and it is suggested that drug enterprises should personally test the materials in simulated harsh environment and under various conditions, and fully do the testing preparation before doing good things, so as to prevent the trouble before it happens, so as to effectively ensure the safety of drug packaging

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