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The domestic pure MDI Market Overview in the first ten days of September and the market forecast in the second ten days of September

the pure MDI market in August can not be described as "Crazy". Due to the NPU Nanyang device failure, Yantai Wanhua's reduction of market supply due to the suspension of inspection and preparation, the poor driving of Shanghai Caojing factory, the demand pull in the peak season and other reasons, the market supply is in short supply. Most downstream manufacturers go to the bulk market to find inventory for production in the peak season, which directly leads to the shortage of supply in the bulk market, The transaction price rose steadily, from 28000 yuan/t at the beginning of August to 38000 yuan/t at the end of August, with an average daily increase of 300 yuan/t, the highest record since 2006. In the downstream, various manufacturers have raised prices to alleviate the cost pressure, but 12. Beam speed conditioning range (mm/min):1 (5) 00 even so, some factories are still forced to reduce production. Therefore, although the peak season has come, there is no obvious sign of an increase in downstream construction. The measurement range and utilization range of size and shoes are also different. At present, the operating rate of the bottom industry is 50% - 60%, and when necessary, the viscosimeter can be used to measure the spandex industry at 70%

for suppliers, the sales price in August also increased, but the price adjustment for direct supply customers is not obvious. The RMB quotation is still 25800 ~ 27000 yuan/t, and the external quotation is 2650 ~ 2750 dollars/t; The cost of taking goods by middlemen has increased significantly, with the RMB price of 27500 ~ 28500 yuan/t and the external price of 2750 ~ 3000 dollars/t

aftermarket analysis

from the perspective of pure MDI market supply in September, it is difficult to determine the production recovery time of NPU Nanyang 70000 T/a device, and its supply to the domestic market is difficult to guarantee. Yantai Wanhua device has about two weeks of maintenance time. Although there is inventory, it is not optimistic from the perspective of supply in August. The supply of Shanghai factory is expected to be very small, which is affected by the power supply of the industrial park, and even the source of rectification goods is difficult to be guaranteed. Therefore, the supply of goods in the market in September is basically expected to be supplemented by the external market, which is still in short supply on the whole

in the downstream, September is the peak production season for the pulp and sole industry, and the demand for raw materials is large, because the pure MDI price is high, and the production cost of enterprises is high. Although the sole stock solution and spandex industry can alleviate the cost pressure by raising the product price, the price increases its product sales. 9. The difficulty of selling this experimental machine when it is not in use also increases correspondingly. Therefore, it is difficult for downstream construction to reach the level of previous years without improving the source and price of raw materials

it is comprehensively expected that the pure MDI market will remain at a high level in September, and the bulk market price may continue to rise, but judging from the resistance of the downstream, the increase in transaction price should not be too large

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