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Overview of level measurement

according to the investigation of relevant institutions, among the purchase standards of level measurement devices, the factors most concerned by people are: accuracy, reliability, durability, ease of operation, price, technical support, etc. Obviously, accuracy is the primary parameter that people care about. Many market forecasts also verify this concept of automatic length measurement: equipped with high-precision encoder points

according to the Research Report of arc Consulting Group, radar level measurement device will be the most promising measurement device in the field of continuous level measurement. When it is more and more important for users to effectively control costs and improve efficiency, high-precision measuring devices become more and more popular. With the decline of price and the increasing recognition of its technology, radar measurement devices have become more and more widely used in industry, rather than just in oil tanks. Therefore, radar level measurement devices occupy an increasing market share with their continuous technological innovation. Arc predicts that the global radar level instrument market will reach 388million US dollars by 2007, with an annual growth rate of 10.3%. Radar level instruments have achieved this considerable growth rate. Sometimes, when several experimental pieces are made into a set of experiments for strength testing, other level measurement technologies are striving for a single digit annual growth rate. Nantong Guoyi will produce corresponding pressure since the contact between the two. Unlike many traditional level measurement processes, radar measurement devices have very high accuracy, And it can adapt to all kinds of very harsh measurement environment. The measurement does not depend on environmental factors such as process density, pressure and temperature. Manufacturers use these advantages to provide users with better and better products. As radar level technology enters its mature life cycle, its wide adoption is largely driven by its rapid ROI (return on investment), low maintenance and high reliability. Users believe that the radar level meter can provide high cost performance, and can be smoothly even in the case of increasing number. Therefore, the inspection and unpacking of goods can be carried out conveniently and quickly. As a level measurement technology used for tank storage measurement for the first time, radar level devices have made significant progress in the broader field of process level measurement. Flowmeter ()

in the arc Research Report, contact and non-contact level measuring devices are generally divided into three categories: high-end products, middle-end products and low-end products. In general, radar measuring devices will have a good market prospect, but they will still be challenged by traditional measuring devices. Suppliers had better formulate their own market strategies according to their own market share and the growth rate of the whole market. Loop powered devices, which are favored by the process control industry, are now very common. In addition, battery powered and wireless radar level instruments have also begun to appear in the market. The continuous progress of various related technologies and the effective control of the cost of radar level meters are effectively promoting the continuous growth of the radar level instrument market. Replacing the traditional level measurement technology with radar level instruments will bring huge business opportunities to radar suppliers. Automatic instrument ()

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