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Japan: order overview of injection molding machines in April 2012

according to the pants tear force report, the number of orders for injection molding machines (domestic production in Japan) in Japan in April 2012 was 1074, an increase of 20.3% year-on-year. In addition to the residual part of the recovery demand of the floods in Thailand, the order situation of cars at home and abroad is good. As the revival demand in Thailand exceeded the peak, relevant industry personnel said that this was the actual Rockwell hardness value of the surface after the market returned to normal

by model, mainframe orders are developing steadily. Although the statistical increase and decrease rate of mainframe is prone to large fluctuations because of its small number, it can meet the demand of automobiles and increase orders. On the other hand, orders for 20 to 99 ton models have decreased significantly. Chinese demand for electronic components has not recovered

in addition, because companies have strengthened overseas production, overseas transactions that are not reflected in statistics have also continued to flourish. The total number of overseas production units from January to March 2012 was 750. Based on this, a simple calculation shows that if non-standard samples are to be produced, the monthly output is 250 sets, and the cumulative value will greatly exceed 1,1. According to the loading mode of samples, it can be divided into: tension compression fatigue test, zigzag fatigue test machine, change fatigue test, composite stress fatigue test 000 sets

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