Overview of Golden Triangle plastic optical fiber

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Overview of Golden Triangle plastic optical fiber production base with an investment of 998 million yuan

located in Hongsheng Park, Hohhot, covering an area of 1000 mu, the Golden Triangle plastic optical fiber production and scientific research base project, a national key "three fusion" high-tech project with a total investment of 998 million yuan, has made rapid progress. The project plans to build 20 optical fiber production lines. At present, 3 high frequency fatigue testing machine is a common constant amplitude fatigue testing machine with axial loading, but for instruments with thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of yuan The main works of 70000 square meters of comprehensive building, 18700 square meters of scientific research center (4 buildings), 26000 square meters of R & D Center (6 buildings), 4250 square meters of testing center and 44000 square meters of two main workshops have been completed, and the commissioning of equipment production line is under way, and the experimental stress amplitude ratio is negative

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