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Looking for Creator - 2017 yunchuang intelligent product creative competition

looking for creator 2017 yunchuang intelligent product creative competition is a competition that allows creativity to land, turns ideas into objects, and spends tens of millions of dollars to explore the creativity of intelligent hardware! You don't have to have an entrepreneurial team, be able to write project plans, or even don't know how to type code or hardware. As long as your creativity is positive, beautiful and cutting-edge ~ and you have a strong determination to realize it, we are all looking forward to you becoming our entrepreneurial partner

this may be the lowest threshold design competition in history. We advocate the popularization of creative solicitation and reject professional monopoly. The competition solicits ideas such as intelligent hardware, IOT, robot and artificial intelligence, e-fashion and basic products (modules, boards) and looks forward to realizing your dream with you

the competition took nearly a year, with the participation of senior experts from 60 well-known enterprises in the industry, including investment institutions, industrial design, scheme design, CAD design, pcb/pcba templates, component supply chain, software development/cloud services, maker space/incubator, crowdfunding platform, retail. The team's future research will explore different raw material channels and communities/media, and build a one-stop service platform from creativity to products and then to the market, Provide comprehensive guidance on high-quality technology and project implementation for your creativity. Those with excellent creativity can also receive tens of millions of supply chain resource investment and 1billion scale investment fund

competition process

project collection (3//15)

competition tutors, support units and partners recruitment

individual or team registration

registration channel: official competition station

Project audition (5//15)

Project Evaluation: market positioning, originality, creativity, design feasibility, manufacturing feasibility

selection principles: originality, availability At least one competition tutor and the judges recognize

online voting: officials and announce feasible projects, public voting

Project counseling (6//30)

Project counseling: assign tutors, design counseling, supply chain matching

proofing test: preferential support of competition partners

divisional preliminaries: South China Shenzhen, East China Shanghai, North China Beijing Western Chengdu

crowdfunding/voting (8/.1)

assist the winning projects in the preliminary round to optimize the design of customizable shapes, optimize supply chain options

pilot production and testing

packaging planning, release crowdfunding (crowdfunding results are included in the final results)

a new round of online voting (included in the final results)

roadshow/final (11//1)

more than 30 investment institutions participate in roadshows and scoring by investment institutions

comprehensive crowdfunding, voting and roadshows Judges' scores, determine the awards

Award/Exhibition Tour (12//21)

award ceremony, venture equity investment and maker space settlement and other resources signing

Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin Chengdu tour

competition instructor

Competition Award

first prize: 10 from the perspective of data mechanics, we know that 0000 yuan

second prize: 20000 yuan

third prize: 10000 yuan

the top three of the competition can receive free cloud service access to 5000/3000/1000 basic hardware devices of smart cloud respectively

in addition to being sponsored by 50% of the one-stop service fee, all the preliminary projects have the opportunity to interview with investors

in addition to 100% one-stop service fee sponsorship, all finalists have the opportunity to obtain direct investment from the hard view fund

all registration teams have the opportunity to obtain free entry opportunities to Daya Bay yunchuang workshop and other cooperative maker spaces

successful mass-produced products can be listed through creation and partner channels

supporting units

the existing supporting units of the competition are electronic circle, Anchuang space, firefly factory, Rockwell, Songhe innovation incubator, smart cloud, hechuang capital, Kaisi, chuangxiang smart manufacturing, Haier u+, etc. the team is growing. There are "poof" and "poof" message bits on the oil delivery valve and return pipe of the whole party to help you realize your creativity, not just tens of millions

creativity never dies, inspiration never dies! You just need to think about it, and we'll help you do it

if you sign up successfully, you can get:

Free cloud service access to 100 intelligent hardware devices of smart cloud, a group of Haier u+wifi modules, preferential production services of creative smart 3D printing mall, 50 yuan sample coupon of firefly factory and more surprises! (first come, first served)

registration link:

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