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Seagate announced the road map of mechanical hard disk capacity: 100TB is not a thing

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Seagate released the Q1 financial report of fiscal 2019 last week. Although it still relies on HDD Hard Disk business, Seagate's revenue in the quarter was $2.991 billion, an increase of 14% year-on-year, Net profit soared by 149%, and 39.5 million HDD Hard Drives were shipped in the quarter, which also soared against the trend

hdd hard disk f the stiffness of the pressure stabilizing spring in the oil delivery valve is not enough. Although the market is a sunset industry, the demand for high-capacity hard disk in the future will remain high. Seagate also announced at this financial report meeting that it will launch 16TB HDD Hard disk in the first half of 2019, which will be the last madness of traditional magnetic recording technology. In 2020, the revolutionary HAMR thermomagnetic assisted recording technology will have a hard disk capacity of 20tb, and the opportunity for HDD survival is coming

at last week's earnings wire transfer conference, Seagate CEO Dave Mosley mentioned Seagate's Roadmap in the HDD Hard disk market. In September this year, Seagate launched a combination of multiple 14tb hard disks, which are respectively targeted at NAS, desktop, monitoring and data center markets. In the first half of 2019, it will launch 16TB hard disks in the near-line market, which will also use traditional vertical track recording technology

with the passage of time, there will be a version of SMR laminated magnetic recording technology, with a slightly larger capacity

when using the same platform, Seagate will also launch a hard disk using harm thermomagnetic assisted recording technology, with a capacity of 16TB. The storage density of this technology is higher, up to 2.2tbit/square inch, which is more than twice that of the current technology. Seagate said that it would strive to sample HAMR hard disk to customers in 2019, and the capacity of HAMR hard disk would reach 20tb in 2020

from the previous announcement, it is hard and tough: from the perspective of large elastic modulus, Seagate's official statement on the roadmap of HDD Hard disk is not new. In fact, it may have been delayed a little, because in the previous statement, Seagate also said that it would launch HAMR hard disk at the end of this year, and now it will be pushed to 2019. This technology has a revolutionary increase in storage density compared with the current PMR vertical magnetic recording technology and SMR laminated magnetic recording technology, Seagate's 2.25tbit/square inch is not the final result. With the support of HAMR technology and derivative versions, the final capacity of HDD Hard disk may reach 100TB, but this should be after 2025

100TB in 2025

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