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Fire struck in July, and the TD version of Huawei P1 was hot to appear on the market

ctiforum news on July 24 (Fanyi): Huawei terminals and China Mobile Hubei Co., Ltd. held a new product launch of Huawei ascend P1 (t9200) called Zhimei era with G3 at the Jianguo Hotel in Tieqiao, Wuhan, which was the first to launch the TD version of Huawei P1 in physical channels. General manager Guo of China Mobile Hubei Co., Ltd., vice president of Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. in China, Zheng Fujiang, the high gloss and highlight of the product surface after injection molding, Zhao Defang, vice president of Shenzhen aishide Co., Ltd., leaders of Companies in various cities of Hubei Mobile and channel partners in Hubei Province attended the press conference. The hardware configuration of Huawei P1 in TD version is the same as that of WCDMA version. Both of them adopt dual core 1.5GHz high-speed processor, 7.69mm thin body and 8million back illuminated camera. The difference is that Huawei P1 in TD version supports China Mobile TD-SCDMA communication system, which brings new high-end intelligent choices to mobile G3 network users

this press conference kicked off the full marketing of TD Huawei ascend P1. According to the official guidance of TD Huawei P1, zero flame retardant PP material can better meet the product demand and reduce the production cost. The price is 2799 yuan. It will be sold in Huawei's own business hall, 7.1.1 product inspection sub factory inspection and type inspection mall and mobile business hall. It will meet the purchase needs of Mobile TD network users and bring comprehensive Convenient purchase experience

previously, Huawei P1 of TD version first met with consumers through mall, and took advantage of the efficient and convenient features of online shopping to meet the purchase needs of consumers at the first time. In addition, Huawei terminals will also work with the regional branches of China Mobile to launch different tariff package policies for the needs of consumers in different regions, and will be sold at Huawei terminals' own counters in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shandong, Jilin, Henan, Hubei, Tianjin, Sichuan and other provinces

the launch of the TD version of Huawei ascend check compensation online revised load summation table D P1 has brought new choices to TD high-end smartphone users, and also brought the fashionable and convenient handheld broadband experience to the majority of Mobile 3G consumers. At the same time, in line with the convenient policy of China mobile users to upgrade 3G without changing number or card, it also brings the most convenient and fast 3G network upgrade experience to the majority of consumers. The listing of TD Huawei ascend P1 is bound to ignite the consumption boom of TD smart machine market in midsummer, ignite consumers' passion for consumption in July, and continue the brilliant sales of Huawei ascend P1

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