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Sealing and plastic anti-counterfeiting technology

1, sealing anti-counterfeiting 2, flame retardant PP market spread counterfeits. Liquid commodities such as wine and beverages are contained in containers such as bottles. In order to prevent the use of old bottles of fake wine or other beverages, there are many anti-counterfeiting measures. Use special sealing 2) when the material and mold are sealed with high sealing accuracy, anti-counterfeiting pictures and texts can be added to the mold. When sealing, the bottle cap can also be connected with the bottle body or bottleneck through disposable vulnerable pull rings and wires (or through fire paint and lead sealing). You can also attach one-time holograms, microfilms, fluorescent characters, passwords and other anti-counterfeiting marks at the sealing place when sealing. However, these signs must be broken at once and cannot be used again

cigarette box covers can also be sealed with the aforementioned anti-counterfeiting signs and safety lines with microfilms

there are many patented designs about the one-time sealing of the wine bottle filling port and the one-time use of the anti-counterfeiting method of the wine outlet

2. Plastic anti-counterfeiting. Adding fluorescent or photochromic, thermochromic and other materials to plastic film, or printing laser holograms on it; Or coated with adhesive, and then printed with various anti-counterfeiting signs to make plastic sealed certificates, passports, credit cards and documents, which can prevent alteration or forgery. This kind of plastic film cannot be opened at room temperature. If it is forcibly opened, the film will be torn and the plastic object will be damaged

(excerpted from fireeye identification)

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