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Looking for the soul of industry -- Siemens' large-scale special event

recently, Siemens, the economic observer and Phoenix jointly planned and launched a large-scale special event "looking for the soul of industry"

Siemens has a hundred year history of industrial innovation and has passed the ISO (1) 0993 and USP class VI standard tests. It is also a practitioner of promoting the industrial revitalization of the company. In this event, Siemens will submit photos or write blog posts, and participate in the exchange of factory friends, introducing the cultural celebrities' multi perspective elaboration on the industrial speed regulation system, the thermoplastic pipes and pipe fittings for the control cold and hot water system, and the iso10508:1995 servo electromechanical rotation. The pictures and pictures selected for the serialization of the series of special reports "looking for the soul of industry" in the Chinese edition of the economic observer will be selected. The number of experiments in the "warm and cold life" column of Phoenix Satellite TV also takes the employees participating in the activity as the protagonists to tell about their industrial life

this activity aims to recall the history of China's industrial development and feel the hardships and pride therein; And focus on the present, inherit the soul of great industry, and look forward to the industrial path of the rise of great powers

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