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Luxury hardcover processing technology of books (serial II)

4 Operation and requirements of flower dipping opening

the incision processing of book block has flower dipping opening technology in addition to rolling opening. The flower dipping mouth is much more complicated than the gold rolling mouth. The quality requirements are quite strict. It is required to be made at one time during operation, and there is no room for rework

1) materials and formulas for dipping the flower mouth

① materials: including adhesive and color materials

stickies: hydrochloric acid dilution (bottom stickies), water, flour paste, sea creature beef wool

pigments: yellow, red, blue and fresh cow gall

② preparation

▲ color preparation:

a. take three colors of equal weight. Each color is ground into fine powder with porcelain mortar or copper mortar successively (the finer the better, no particles are allowed). Bamboo fiber reinforced composites have good properties such as light weight, high strength and high stiffness. Do not mix colors with each other during grinding, and clean the mortar dish after grinding each color. The ground powders of various colors are put into transparent containers for use

b. put fresh cow gall (choose one or two according to the dosage) in a container, stew without adding water (about 10min after boiling), and then evenly distribute it into three colors (15 25g for each color of 1 fresh cow gall) and immediately stir it evenly for use

▲ adhesive preparation:

there are two types of adhesive, namely, bottom adhesive and color adhesive. The function of the bottom adhesive is to make the pigment firmly adhere to the incision; The function of color binder is to stick the color to the surface when dipping)

A. bottom binder: mix 1/4 hydrochloric acid solution and 3/4 clean water and stir evenly to make it

b. color sticky material: mix flour and sea creature beef and hair vegetables, dilute and heat with water, and boil them into fine mucilage (the viscosity is slightly thicker than that used for lining)

▲ batching requirements:

a. various ingredients should be adjusted properly to ensure that the flower mouth is firmly bonded

b. when batching, take a little to test first, and then add the appropriate amount to prepare, so as to avoid waste caused by non-compliance with the requirements

c. strictly maintain the purity of various colorants and ensure the correct color of the flower mouth dipped

2) tools used for dipping the flower mouth and their use

① a rectangular container box (white iron sheet or aluminum sheet is inlaid in the wooden box), with a length of 800mm and a width of 300mm (Figure). The box is divided into two sections, one section is 600mm long for storing paste adhesive, and the other section is 200mm long for storing the remaining materials after dipping. The two sections are separated and cannot be mixed

figure container box for storing sticky materials a: container box b: needle grate c: color drawing d: stick pattern adjustment

② 3 ordinary sheep hair brushes (1 for each color, which cannot be mixed) are used for color drawing

③ one needle castor (which can be self-made with a large needle) with a length of times the thickness of the book block, which is used to draw color mixture patterns

④ a small round wooden stick, about 120mm long, can be large or small in diameter, with fine patterns. Its diameter should be small, otherwise it should be large, which can be selected according to requirements

⑤ connect the flat nozzle water pipe (similar to the ultrasonic nozzle) to the water pipe, that is, use the water pipe with high pressure, and prepare to dip it into the flower mouth and then color it

3) operation process and requirements of flower dipping

the book block needs to be dipped in the knuckle after cutting, but you can't cut it all at once with a three sided knife. You should cut one side and dip one side, so as to prevent the color from soiling other cutting surfaces, resulting in dirty knuckle patterns. The process is as follows: pre dip preparation, of which US $3.62 million is exported to the European Union as adhesive coating, color coating, dipping, rinsing, natural drying and inspection

all materials and tools should be prepared before dipping the flower mouth, and one of them should not be omitted to avoid continuous processing due to lack of leakage. The operation shall be absolutely correct, and it shall not be stopped halfway, and it shall be done at one go

① location of spare materials and tools

a. place the container box with paste ingredients on the right side of the front workbench of the operator; Place the color brush, needle castor and log stick on the lower right side of the container box

b. put the container of hydrochloric acid and water on the left side of the container box

c. three color containers equipped with cow gall are placed on the front upper side of the container box according to their use order

d. place the water pipe used for the coloring material at the convenient position of the operator, and prepare the water storage container or water pipe

after all the tools are ready, you can dip the flower mouth

② Book lining

clamp the book block on the cut side with two thin plastic boards or wood boards (the same specification as the book block) (it is best to tie it tightly), and the incision is flush with the splint, and it is not allowed to protrude or recess

after the book block is clamped neatly, apply a layer of dilute hydrochloric acid mixed solution along the cutting surface, and dip it into the flower mouth after natural drying

requirements during operation: only one book is clamped for each dip, and the clamping degree of each book should be basically the same. It should be clamped together without loosening and falling off; The primer should be applied evenly, the texture of the brush should be soft, and there should be no sundries on the incision to ensure that the incision surface is clean

③ painting color

painting color refers to the operation of dipping the prepared colored materials on the incision with a brush. When the primer is qualified, use its natural drying time to dip an appropriate amount of the prepared three colors with a brush, and paint them evenly on the surface of the paste in the sticky material storage container box color by color. The length of the painted color should be more than 1.5 times the length of the book block, and the width should be times the thickness of the book block (back width). After the three colors are painted color by color, use a round stick to regularly stir up and down on the paste painted with three colors (the surface of the color is mainly stirred, and the pattern cannot be damaged by random stirring). Therefore, Alcoa and Rio Tinto Alcan (stripped of the aluminum plate of transportation to form kenlian aluminum company in 2009) have done a lot of work: replace forgings with integral machine parts or structural components assembled by some parts, After the three colors are stirred into thin color bars, use a needle castor to draw a pattern with patterns along the left and right directions (the length direction of the storage box) (figure, see above)

no matter painting color, stirring or drawing patterns, you should apply force evenly, and you can't stop halfway (if you stop regularly, it doesn't affect the pattern effect), and you can finish it at one time

after the above work is completed, the cut of the book block with the primer has also been dried, and then you can dip it into the flower mouth

④ dip into the flower mouth

align the book block with good backing and dry naturally, hold both ends (head and foot) with both hands, and put the incision into the colored storage container box, so that the surface of the incision is dipped into the paste paste through the color paste, so that the incision is stuck with the pattern color, and then take it out immediately, that is, to complete the dipping and sticking operation

operation requirements: the cut of the book block shall not move after being put into the colored paste, and the action shall be stable to avoid disturbing the pattern after moving; The contact surface between the book block cut and the color paste should be uniform, and it is not allowed to dip too deep or too light to affect the processing of other cut surfaces and the quality of color surfaces; After dipping a book, the colored paste adhesive can't be stuck to the next one. Use a scraper to scrape it into the small container box, and then re paint the color before processing the next one

⑤ rinse

washing refers to the operation of washing away all the excess paste and adhesive on the cut surface dipped in the flower mouth with clean water

after dipping the flower mouth, immediately flush the incision adhesive with the water ejected from the flat nozzle water pipe until all the adhesive on the flower mouth is completely washed away. After washing, the color pattern is bitten and stuck on the incision, and the pattern is clear and regular, neat, clean and beautiful, full of artistic sense. After cutting and drying, the splint can be removed, and the whole process of dipping the flower mouth is completed

requirements during operation: the flushing water nozzle should be flat, and the water pressure should be flushed; The water spouted from the water pipe should have a certain angle with the flower surface (see Figure), and it is not allowed to rush directly or flush the water into the book block or other surfaces; When washing, check whether the book block is clamped. If there is looseness, bind it in time to avoid infiltration into the book block film blowing machine during flushing. New film blowing machines produced by the machinery manufacturing industry include sheet film blowing machine, PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color bar film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine, etc; The washed book block should be completely natural dry before it can be taken out. If you need to process other surfaces, then cut and clamp them in turn, and continue to complete each step of operation to complete one or only one surface dip

figure flushing a: flushing pipe B: splint C: book block

after rolling the gold mouth or dipping the flower mouth, the luxurious hardcover book block can be processed such as rounding up the ridge and locking the flower head, so as to complete the whole process of the luxurious hardcover book block processing

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