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The demand and application of packaging on military materials

packaging has been completed before the military force implements military material support, and has been integrated into the application in its inherent form. Many new physical structures of products have emerged: liquid, viscous, powdery, granular and particulate. The whole process of military material support has become a bridge and link between military materials and military forces, Various support means and operations of military forces directly act on the packaging, and complete the effective support of military materials to military forces through the media function of packaging

military material support work should be guided by the needs of modern local war, closely focus on the center of military preparation to win modern local war, use system engineering theory, and based on the principle of optimal cost-effectiveness ratio, vigorously strengthen the work of military material support, comprehensively improve the ability of military material support, and meet the needs of modern local war

modern local war, which is characterized by high technology and high speed, is the fundamental reason for the transformation of transportation support, storage support, handling support and distribution support of military materials

if the technology of high technology is dismantled, the tactical and technical performance of military materials will change greatly, resulting in the transformation of combat style from linear to non-linear, the frequent transformation of military forces, and the significant improvement of mobility, which will increase the randomness of military material support, forming a support pattern of many points, long lines, and a wide range, requiring military materials to maintain 6 The static support with sample recovery device is gradually transitioning to the dynamic support with mobile support

the high speed makes the military struggle break out suddenly, the war process is fast, the duration is short, and the preparation time limit for the transition from peacetime to war is greatly reduced. It does not give more preparation time for the military material support, resulting in a sharp increase in the support intensity and support load per unit time. It requires the development of the military material support mode from the traditional human carrying type to the modern military logistics mechanization type

the high intensity makes the consumption of military materials increase unprecedentedly. The high-intensity local war of energy release type further increases the support volume of military materials. The support plays a major role in the process of providing passengers with comfort. The difficulty and support intensity are significantly improved, requiring the support means of military materials to transition from a single plane type to a three-dimensional type of the union

in the face of the demand for military material support under the conditions of modern local war, military materials should be based on the complete set of storage support, the mechanization of handling support as a breakthrough, and the three-dimensional means of transportation support to achieve the goal of distribution support motorization, so as to finally realize the rapid and rapid response of military material support, flexible and reliable operation, safe and efficient operation, timely and accurate supply, and appropriate and effective guarantee

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