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Empowering enterprise social ecosystem, Delixi Electric won the 2018 social excellent brand award

empowering enterprise social ecosystem, Delixi Electric won the 2018 social excellent brand award

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original title: empowering enterprise social ecosystem, Delixi Electric won the 2018 social excellent brand award

November 29, 2018, The 2018 social conference with the theme of "about, about love" was grandly held in Beijing. The conference launched a multi-party dialogue on social focus issues such as poverty alleviation, student assistance, environmental protection, sustainable development and innovative social concepts, and jointly created a love and feast with the guests. In order to commend Delixi Electric Company for its outstanding performance in practicing corporate society in 2018, the organizing committee specially awarded it the honorary award of "2018 social excellent brand award". At the same time, as an important guest, Ms. Hu Xiaochun, Chief Cultural officer of Delixi Electric, delivered a keynote speech on "one person, one public benefit, enabling the enterprise social ecosystem" at the conference, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the guests present

Ms. Hu Xiaochun, Chief Cultural officer of Delixi Electric, delivered a keynote speech at the conference

one-time public welfare, and joined hands with the enterprise system to build

while the proportion in China is only 14%. While focusing on providing excellent solutions for customers, Delixi Electric has always adhered to the enterprise's original intention of business development and humanistic connotation, adhering to the core values of "customer first, cooperation, agility and Transcendence", Adhere to the practice of social public welfare with great perseverance and creativity, and the enthusiastic public welfare heart is deeply rooted in the development blood of the enterprise

in September of this golden autumn, Delixi Electric welcomed the 6th charity based experimental machine manufacturer plan. The oil circuit direction of the valve block plays a very important role in the transformation of pressure. Through various ways and channels, such as personal donations, Department fundraising, it is expected that by 2020, the consumption will reach 150000 ~ 200000 tons, donations, staff idle items charity sale, etc., a total of nearly 200000 yuan was raised for charity; In addition, the activity also has interesting links with positive energy and participation, such as staff weaving love scarves and multi local staff linkage offline running fund-raising. The donations raised by the fund-raising center, love scarves, idle items, etc. will continue to serve the Delixi Electric hope primary school project, and send warm gifts and blessings to children in poor mountainous areas because of the practice of enterprises

charity fund month, as a public welfare brand practiced by Delixi Electric every year, has become a corporate culture that makes employees proud. It is reported that the awareness rate of employees in 2018 charity fund month was as high as 98%, and the average participation rate of various activities reached more than 50%. It is worth mentioning that on the basis of the joint activities with upstream suppliers and downstream distributors of the enterprise in previous years, Delixi Electric also invited business partners such as e-commerce and e-commerce for the first time this year, further extending the common interconnection of the public welfare system. Among them, Yi electrician made full use of his professional skills in visiting the nursing home, overhauling circuits for the nursing home, troubleshooting potential safety hazards, and carefully guarding the power safety of users. By widely mobilizing employees and driving the joint participation of partners in the whole supply chain, Delixi Electric has implemented the beautiful vision of "one person, one public benefit" in steady social practice. With the positive atmosphere of sincere unity and joint philanthropy, Delixi Electric has carried out profound corporate culture edification and public welfare education for Dejia employees

at the 2018 social conference award ceremony, Delixi Electric won the 2018 excellent brand award

love conveys value and empowers the corporate social ecosystem

in the past 2018, Delixi Electric has adhered to the public welfare concept of replicable and sustainable development, and gradually formed a responsibility performance mode of "one old and one small, and carry forward traditional culture" with unified values in practice, Continue to build a public welfare brand with the characteristics of Delixi Electric

up to now, Delixi Electric has adhered to and continuously expanded its corporate public welfare territory in 2018. In terms of caring for the elderly, Dejia staff carried out visits to nursing homes once a week, with a total of 55 visits throughout the year, bringing comfort to nearly 10000 widowed and orphaned elderly people and warming the elderly with affection; In terms of caring for children, Delixi Electric, on the one hand, combines teaching with fun, and once every two weeks carries out "Adelaide enters the campus" children's electricity knowledge small lecture and "small electrical engineer's trip" company visits and popular science activities, so as to use knowledge to escort the children's electricity safety; On the other hand, we will continue to promote the construction assistance of hope primary schools in remote and poor areas of the country. By 2018, a total of 14 primary schools have been donated, with a total donation of about 5million yuan. More than 10000 families have benefited from this, passing hope with love; In terms of inheriting traditional culture, Delixi Electric participated in five national dragon boat competitions in 2018, won two consecutive championships in Wenzhou and Shaoxing, and practiced and carried forward the spirit of sincere and United dragon boat; At the same time, in the face of tornadoes, earthquakes and other major natural disasters, Delixi Electric disaster relief and assistance, together with dealers, delivered emergency supplies to the people in the disaster area at the first time, assisted the power sector to restore power supply at the first time, and assisted the post disaster reconstruction of the affected compatriots

Delixi Electric won the 2018 social conference annual excellent brand award

this series of social public welfare actions with unified values fully demonstrates the full commitment of Delixi Electric in realizing the corporate social ecological formula: circle strategy. Ms. huxiaochun, an important guest of the conference, said at the award ceremony: "thank you very much for the excellent brand award awarded to us by the 2018 social conference. We will further increase our investment in society, and call on and work with more partners, employees and social figures to jointly build a social ecosystem with unified values."

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