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Under the cover of Citigroup, Delong is performing a good play of "turning into a butterfly"

just as public opinion is focusing on the "transfer of state-owned shares" and the SASAC is also tirelessly clarifying pediatric issues such as "the transfer of state-owned shares is not equal to the circulation of state-owned shares", the famous private leader Delong system has emerged again: Xinjiang Tunhe (related, market), known as the "Delong three swordsman", has been targeted by the same famous Citigroup enterprise - Citigroup Global Finance Company! Although only 300000 shares of Xinjiang Tunhe were purchased, which is a drop in the bucket compared with the circulation of 400 million shares, the author believes that although others Delong is different from our shareholders and has never been afraid of transfer and full circulation, reselling to Citigroup to receive orders is a luxury pen, so the significance of Citigroup's appearance cannot be calculated in simple quantities

why? Gaindelong group is too famous in China's capital market, and Citigroup's global reputation is absolutely "thunderous". In this way, it is naturally great news that Delong's shares are valued by Citigroup! Do you want to join forces! Who can let such a good thing go? Who can ignore such a good thing? Therefore, although the move is small, it is regarded as the headline "good news" by the media

unfortunately, Delong's many questionable feats inevitably cast a shadow on this good news. The main reason for the disgrace lies in that Delong was synonymous with strong Lao Zhuang in its early years. The performance of Tunhe and other stocks held by its heavy positions was mediocre, but the share price has been able to continue the myth of "Western sales revenue reaching 5 defeats every year"! Because drying is usually carried out with hot-air dryers or heaters, in the eyes of investors, Delong's practice is a typical behavior away from fundamentals; Another reason for the disgrace lies in the rapid rise of Delong in dairy products, wool textiles and other industrial fields, which is still unable to get rid of the shadow of being a banker. It lies in the ability of private enterprises such as the Tang brothers to "start from a banker" to outdo others and rise in the vast western border? How many "capital sins" are there

behind this speculation may be the so-called "curiosity" and "hatred of the rich", but more of it stems from the reality that private enterprises are frequently exposed. In fact, before the hops boss eklam aishayuf staged the missing show, the author did not know that there was such a limit hero in Xinjiang who "one person is dominant, and all shareholders are stupid"! Similar suspense is also the shadow that has been shrouded over the years on the three swordsmen of the Delong system, including Tunhe in Xinjiang: Why did the three swordsmen of the Delong system "go against the trend and become bullish" and remain strong in the "state-owned stock reduction bear market" over the past two years? Why can the private Delong stocks still sit on the fishing boat when the capital chains of many powerful state-owned securities companies are in urgent need or broken? Or, why can the "Tangmen four tigers" be comfortable in the green stock market? In addition to Delong three swordsmen, they are also involved in the deep development of Xinqiao M & A, expanding the territory of ketchup processing centers from Xinjiang to Asia? As Mr. Zhongpengrong asserted, does this explain the vigorous vitality of the private economy superior to the state-owned economy? Or does it explain the efficiency of "capital original sin" based on cruelty and violations of laws and regulations

in this regard, it is also private hops that tells us the strong vitality of private enterprises in manufacturing hops, but it also gives us the same pain as Poppy flowers. And Mr. Tang Wanli, the private leader of Delong, who has now been honored as the vice chairman of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce, should not also let our shareholders taste the free fall of "ten limit" after getting the "good news" of Citigroup's purchase of Tunhe in Xinjiang

I think Mr. Tang's general answer must be "no", perhaps it may also be "no comment". We can all understand this. Because, in the tide of transition from planned economy to market economy, the direction of the reform of the public ownership economic system has just been determined. At this time, it is difficult for people to force the private economy to give an exact model of "standardized" development? Moreover, Delong's stock has always been strong, which is a symbol of Delong's long-term investment philosophy rather than speculation. How can it be allowed to plummet

in fact, Mr. Tang Wanli also summarized Delong's development strategy, that is, "take capital operation as the link, integrate the real industry into the traditional industry through enterprise mergers and acquisitions and reorganization, introduce new technologies and products, and enhance its core competitiveness." In Mr. Tang's view, "we have entered the agricultural field since 1994, and capital operation is a tool for industrial integration." That is to say, in Delong's eyes, capital operation is only a tool and means, and industry is the other side and foothold it hopes to achieve. However, despite the twists and turns of Delong, which started with "capital operation", it has been difficult to get rid of the shadow of "capital Predator". In addition to the classic bromine flame retardant, even economist Lang Xianping publicly challenged Delong on Delong's suspected illegal operation in October 2001! The reason why this challenge can be applauded is that the geographical characteristics of Delong in the West and the mystery of some of his actions have stimulated people's curiosity seeking psychology. The second is that the historical black ink of "banker" damaging the "three public" principle has finally made Delong realize the super power of the social implication effect of "black people who are close to ink" in the ancient motto

as we all know, the securities market is a game place, where the color of fighting against intelligence and capital is most fully reflected, so the "struggle" is also extremely intense. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, the most emphasized and valued by this market is the "three fairness" principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. So for now, even casinos will have charm, not to mention our securities market with Chinese characteristics, where the market economy has developed to a certain stage

facts have proved that as long as the direction of the strategic adjustment of the state-owned economy is not shaken, as long as the national policy of developing the private economy is not changed, and as long as the legitimate atmosphere of allowing moderate speculation in the securities market is not distorted, companies such as Xinjiang Delong will have a foundation for existence, and their performance in the secondary market is understandable; As long as we can not forget the demands of fairness and efficiency while economic development and stock market prosperity, Delong will be difficult to escape the fate of being suspected - "three swordsmen" high share price, long-term strength behind the bleak meager profits, frightening asset liability ratio, which can not help but be suspicious

nowadays, this kind of suspense has existed for a long time, but Delong's stocks are still the same

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