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International Printing Development Forum: speech by Mr. delmontagne, chairman of NPES

good morning, everyone

I am very happy to be in Beijing again

on behalf of more than 400 member enterprises of NPES (printing, publishing and paper processing technology suppliers association), I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the China printing and Equipment Industry Association for inviting me to attend the Beijing International Printing Development Forum

I am glad to take this opportunity to wish chinaprint Exhibition hosted by China printing and equipment industry association and relevant departments a complete success

chinaprint exhibition is truly a world-class exhibition. Congratulations

today, I saw many familiar faces here. Since my first visit to China in 1982, NPES and I have established close business contacts and friendly personal relations with many colleagues here

since then, the printing circles of China and the United States have established close ties by participating in similar activities, exchanging visits between business delegations of both sides, exchanging industry information, and many other ways

after the closing of this exhibition, I hope you will start to pay attention to the next major event that will help consolidate our ties - the 05 American International Printing Exhibition and the 05 American International Paper Processing Technology Expo, which will be held in Chicago from September 9 to 15 this year

In 1985, the official delegation of China's printing industry went to the United States for the first time to participate in the American International Printing Exhibition. We are also very happy to welcome the Chinese delegation to the subsequent American International Printing exhibitions

we are also pleased to see that Chinese printing equipment manufacturers show their products and achievements at the exhibition. Every American International Printing Exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition in the world that year

in 2001, about 300 leaders of Chinese printing enterprises participated in the American International Printing Exhibition

compared with the 1985 American International Printing Exhibition in Chicago, the number of Chinese enterprises participating in the exhibition increased significantly. This year, we hope that more large Chinese printing enterprises will come to the United States to participate in this exhibition

I believe that our common experience over the past 20 years has produced three important facts, which I will focus on in the following speech

first, it is wrong to think that international trade is only an export transaction, and that American enterprises only sell products to customers in other countries

today, the relationship between trading partners is far more complex and richer than before, rather than just a simple trading relationship. Of course, Chinese printing enterprises will buy products from the United States. But they are also partners and strong competitors of American printing enterprises. And Chinese enterprises are increasingly trying to find sales opportunities for their products in the United States. The previous "buyer seller" model can no longer help us deal with the new situation of the world economy and society

second, it is also wrong to think that the global market is only open to the largest and richest enterprises

in NPES, small enterprises account for the overwhelming majority. Three quarters of NPES' member enterprises have annual sales of less than US $10million. In the past, it was possible for small enterprises to be blocked on the road to the international market; But today, this is not the case

nowadays, instant messaging tools are popular all over the world. Trade barriers such as high tariffs and closed door policies are gradually reducing. More high-quality business exhibitions such as chinaprint are held around the world, and associations such as NPES are committed to helping all our members participate in these exhibitions

the third theme of my speech is the most important

since NPES was first committed to giving a high degree of support to international trade, we believe that our help will help to improve the sales volume of our member products worldwide, which absolutely requires an accurate understanding of the current international market

in order to succeed in the global economy, a company should not only know what kind of customers there are in a particular country, but also know what the main sellers are. Who is the distributor that can help many companies and products sell? Which educational institutions are training future professionals? Is the government actively encouraging the development of a specific industry? What is the technology application status and development speed of this industry? In addition, the understanding of the above issues must be two-way

just as our members want to know more about the Chinese market, China's large printing enterprises also want to know more about what happened in the American printing industry. This is not only because they want to compete for the U.S. market, but also because the trend and development of the U.S. printing industry often predict the future changes in the rest of the world

therefore, I would like to use the main time of my speech today to introduce some key factors that have led to the formation of the current pattern of the printing, publishing and paper processing industries in the United States. After that, I will briefly introduce the active cooperation between NPES and well-known Chinese printing enterprises to strengthen our relationship. Finally, I will introduce some information about the 2005 American International Printing Exhibition and the 05 American International Paper processing technology exhibition, and invite all of you to Chicago to participate in these two exhibitions

today, the clearest and most important progress in the U.S. printing industry is that the market requires printing enterprises to do more and provide more services

today, printing is no longer an isolated and special process that has nothing to do with other industries

today, customers expect printing to be easily and perfectly integrated with their other businesses

let me cite two simple but very important examples to illustrate the situation of small wear

in the past many years, although there are differences in the prepress systems adopted by each printing enterprise, they are all based on the working environment of four-color ink printing, CMYK. At the same time, auxiliary tools such as video display screen, page, desktop printing equipment and office printing equipment should be used in the whole workflow. The latter tools are based on RGB system

in recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the differences between printing enterprises have disappeared. RGB is the color mode of the source file created by the customer. Digital cameras, computer monitors, large screen video displays and many other display tools are based on RGB systems. Nowadays, printing enterprises are increasingly using RGB workflow, and increasingly feel that this is a very good solution. Printing enterprises encourage customers to provide documents in RGB format. They precisely adjust their color management solutions to ensure that RGB can be converted to CMYK stably and with high quality

this example clearly shows that printing is expanding to other professional fields and is trying to adapt to the overall communication strategy of customers

another example is that smart printing enterprises will actively help customers establish and expand their databases

in the 1990s, variable data printing technology appeared in the market. At that time, some experts believed that it would bring far-reaching development opportunities to printing enterprises. Some insiders at home and abroad also correctly realize that the success of variable data printing will depend entirely on the quality of variable data. Be able to correctly process the customer's data and convert it into a practical form, and then use these data to complete highly personalized printing, and hand in work in a very short time. The purpose of printing enterprises is to provide customers with value-added new services. They also know more about customers' private and corporate information than ever before. The relationship established in this way is more like a cooperative relationship than a simple buying and selling relationship

many observers believe that partnerships and value-added services are the key to the future printing industry. In fact, this kind of impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory adopts the trend of large-scale integrated circuits, which deeply reflects the reality of the development of American business to a broader field. Many large customers are constantly reducing the number of suppliers who provide services for themselves. Because it can minimize the energy spent on price seeking, contract signing and other administrative affairs. They hope to get more services from fewer suppliers. Only those printing enterprises who are familiar with this will achieve the greatest success

therefore, many printing enterprises have been helping customers strengthen and improve the database, and then use it for a variety of personalized products. These printing enterprises began to help customers maintain pictures, logos, designs, texts and other forms of digital assets, so that they can be used for other purposes quickly and easily

a logical step from this is that printing enterprises that provide these services for customer enterprises can say to customers, "since we have printed these things for you, you can let us help you mail them."

in the United States, most printed matter is mailed. It is not uncommon for postage to exceed the sum of design and printing costs. Printing enterprises will say to customers, "we know the postal system. We can correctly prepare the printed matter you need to mail and help you get the most favorable mailing price. We can arrange the specific time when your postal products arrive at the customers' hands, and help you predict when the order will come... When it will ring... When you will start to receive the payment..." in fact, The real purpose of printing enterprises is to obtain the strong support and enthusiastic participation of enterprises and institutions in the global aluminum industry

printing enterprises have evolved from processing plants that simply perform printing ink on paper to powerful and high-energy comprehensive service providers

"mailing + performance" is the most obvious and popular way to confirm the exposure cycle path. Through mailing, printing enterprises in the United States have achieved value-added services and become indispensable partners for customers in the process

next, I will introduce another field, which we believe is also developing rapidly

large format digital inkjet printers are becoming increasingly popular among printing companies. The width of large format digital inkjet printer can be from 43cm to 2m or even wider, and it can be used for color printing on a variety of media. Many commercial printing enterprises use large-scale inkjet printers to output proofs

however, until recently, people have not fully realized the potential role of these devices in protecting and establishing trade relations

in fact, it often happens that customers say to the salesperson of the printing company, "I need to print a dozen posters" or "I plan to participate in a trade exhibition and need to hang a banner in our booth", so the salesperson has to ask customers to go to other companies to seek such services

today, more and more printing enterprises realize that they can use large-scale digital inkjet printers to provide this service, and thus strengthen their contact with customers

now, from speed printing shops to photo printing shops, everyone begins to use ink-jet printers, and strives to find business opportunities to compete directly with commercial printing enterprises

printing enterprises have absolute advantages in this regard

this is because:

first, the operation of the above-mentioned equipment depends on the digital workflow, and the printing enterprise just has the professional

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