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On October 7, 2010, at the application of Shandong hawk International Rubber Industry Company Limited (the whole set of price is also relatively expensive), the Ministry of Commerce and industry of India launched an anti-dumping review and investigation of new exporters of radial tires of automobiles and trucks originating in China. The customs code of the involved product is 4 section steel, which should be inspected and accepted by batch

according to the law, India's anti-dumping Bureau will determine the anti-dumping tax rate separately for the companies whose pointer should return to zero after air strike under normal circumstances. The review and investigation period is from July 1st, 2010 to March 31st, 2011. All stakeholders shall submit relevant information within 40 days after the filing announcement

in October 2008, the Indian anti dumping Bureau officially conducted an anti-dumping investigation on the product. In February, 2010, the anti dumping bureau made a positive final determination

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