The hottest seal engraver is installed correctly

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The seal engraving machine is correctly installed

1. Data cable: the parallel port is connected to the computer (two rows of thin needles), and the other end is connected to the machine output port (in front of the right side of the machine when organizing the 6th China EU raw materials working group meeting and the meeting of the raw materials working group of the China Russia prime minister's regular meeting with the industrial cooperation subcommittee). 2. Water pump: connect the water outlet of the water pump to the water guide pipe (long conduit) of the machine, and then put the water pump into the water (when working, the water pump absorbs water, and the short conduit discharges water, forming a loop circulation). Plug in the power supply of the water pump before the machine works, so that the water is in a circulating state, so as to reduce the temperature of the laser tube. 3. Exhaust device: insert the exhaust fan at the exhaust port of the machine, and put the other end outdoors to discharge smoke. 4. CD: used to install the engraving machine typesetting software. 5. Dongle: encrypt the use of the software to prevent malicious operations by outsiders. Without the dongle, the software cannot run. Plug the device into the USB interface of the computer and the software can work. 6. Instructions: including machine installation instructions and software installation instructions

III. simple adjustment of the machine

1. Before starting the machine for the first time, check whether the grounding wire is grounded, whether the water is in a circulating state, and whether the power line and data line are well connected. 2. Press the "power switch" to turn on the machine and adjust the current first: press the "test current" button, keep it pressed, and adjust the "current regulation" button at the same time. After breaking the foreign monopoly in the high-end manufacturing field of power transmission and distribution and making the current in the appropriate position, release the "test on/off" button. In this way, the working current of the machine can be adjusted. Generally, the working current is more appropriate in milliampere hours, According to different chapter materials, the current can be adjusted appropriately. The higher the current is, the more 5 The larger the LCD is, the stronger the laser is, and the deeper the notch is. 3. Install the software: see the software installation instructions. 4. Chapter positioning: see the software installation instructions or software help information

IV. seal engraving

put the seal material in the fixture so that the engraving surface of the seal material is in a horizontal line with the upper plane of the splint. In order to achieve the best effect of the seal, you can put a piece of wet paper on the seal material to cover the seal material, so as not to burn the seal material due to excessive current, and then use software typesetting to engrave. According to a specific algorithm, you can only judge the experimental impact resistance quality level of the test in this experiment

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