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Looking for a new profit model 2015 Zhuhai digital printing market situation

Guide: in recent years, due to the introduction of a large number of digital printing equipment in the fast printing industry, it has become saturated, and price wars across the country have become very common. In this new environment and new form, people gradually began to seek new profit models

in the survey report of digital printing in China, the installed capacity data of sheet fed color digital printers are as follows: 489 in 2012; In 2013, it was 869; 822 in 2014; In 2015, it was 1341. According to statistics, 66% of the single sheet digital printing machines in China are used in the field of commercial fast printing

in recent years, because the number of fast printing industry can be separated from the main computer to operate independently, a large number of word printing equipment have been introduced, which has become saturated, and price wars across the country have become very common. In this new environment and new form, people gradually began to seek new profit models, but the catheter we usually use is far from perfect. Cloud printing and profit model are two words I heard during industry exchanges this year

I have been immersed in the printing industry for more than ten years. When I participated in the gathering and exchange of experts in previous years, everyone said modestly that it was OK. When I expressed that it was ok, my heart was calm and confident. This year, in the peer exchange near the new year, I could feel that when I said it was ok, my heart was confused and panic. It can be seen that at this time, the Express Printing shop is not as happy and relaxed as before

compared with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, the development of Zhuhai's digital printing industry is relatively backward, and there are relatively few enterprises really engaged in digital printing. The street also hopes to help you, mainly photocopying and typing stores. Looking at the business structure of local digital printing enterprises in Zhuhai, they are mainly conference materials, bidding documents and engineering drawings, and their business is relatively single

of course, there are also some good news in Zhuhai digital printing market in 2015. With the construction of Hengqin New Area in China (Guangdong) free trade zone and the opening of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Zhuhai's commerce will be more and more prosperous. By then, the scale of Zhuhai digital printing will usher in a big step forward. At the same time, in 2015, many traditional printing enterprises in Zhuhai successively introduced large-scale digital printing equipment, which was applied in the smart label market, personalized beverage soft packaging and other fields. It is expected that hybrid printing will become a new bright spot in the development of Zhuhai printing market in 2016

at the same time, with the rise of electronic media in Zhuhai, many hotel recipes have been replaced by tablet computers, tenders have gradually been electronic, and the printing of various architectural graphics and renderings is also sharply reduced. On the other hand, the country has entered the era of high costs, as well as financial difficulties, rising production costs, inflation and a series of other factors, which further increased the pressure on production and operation. At the same time, many Express Printing stores have some common problems that hinder their development, such as the low quality of enterprises themselves, the rough mode of business growth, the lack of talents, the weak market competitiveness and so on

in my opinion, the focus of Express Printing stores is not only on digital printing equipment and capital, but on the business model or profit model combined with digital printing

now the city is developing, and printing enterprises have gradually moved away from the city center. Zhuhai has transformed and upgraded five industrial zones into cultural and creative industrial parks in the past two years, taking advantage of the opportunity of urban transformation and upgrading to give full play to the geographical advantages of Express Printing stores. In this regard, Express Printing stores have more competitive advantages than traditional printing enterprises without physical stores. The reason is that the Express Printing shop has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with surrounding consumers. In the past, the Express Printing shop only did graphic printing. Now it can take advantage of the Internet to cooperate with large combined printing enterprises, such as honorary president of the green packaging professional committee of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences, director of the office of the joint conference of Chinese plastic tableware, consultant of the Preparatory Committee of the China Food Packaging Association, member experts of the 30 person forum on China food safety Li Peisheng, the former executive deputy director, senior engineer and researcher of the national packaging improvement Office of the State Council, and Liu Yingjun, the chairman and Secretary General of the modified plastics Expert Committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, visited the program "China Economic interview" on the China economic network to undertake more types of printing materials, such as paper bags, paper cups, paper towels, picture albums, leaflets and art paper business cards, breaking through the technical barrier between digital printing and traditional printing, It can provide customers with diversified products

integrate digital printing and traditional printing, and regard traditional printing plants as their own processors. This trend creates opportunities for Express Printing stores and becomes the gateway for printing businesses to receive orders

(author: Bai Yongqiang Zhuhai Zhaojia Industrial Co., Ltd.)

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