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Germany's largest e-commerce provider chooses Delta infrasuite data center solution

shopping has entered a golden age. In the face of increasing visits and trading volume, preventing data loss and online failure is the main consideration of all e-commerce operators. Online interruption will cause huge transaction losses, and access fluency is the key to improving customer satisfaction. Especially under the trend of global cross-border shopping boom, the data centers of large e-commerce companies need to provide 24-hour continuous stable and reliable operation to meet the access needs of all parts of the world. Recently, delta joined hands with an e-commerce page hosting service company in Germany to adopt infrasuite data center solutions to ensure the uninterrupted and reliable operation of the data center in Berlin, the largest e-commerce company in Germany

as the largest e-commerce provider in Germany, it urgently needs to upgrade its data center in response to business development. In addition to ensuring that the station can bring customers a smoother access experience and data security, the new data center needs to have a high degree of integration, good compatibility, and can meet the development needs of future it equipment growth. After investigating many brands and products in the market, Delta infrasuite data center solutions finally stand out and become the ideal choice for the e-commerce. Delta has joined hands with its page hosting service company to build a new data center

the infrasuite data center solution adopted in this project covers many star products of delta, including: DPH 200KVA series high-precision experimental machine UPS, rowcool cabinet precision air conditioner, rpdc precision column cabinet, PDU intelligent power distribution unit, which is modularized into various battery tightness resistance tests, involving UPS power supply, power distribution, air conditioner, cabinet and other four categories of products. The first-class indicators and parameters of these products improve and ensure the efficiency of the whole solution. At the same time, the system modular design and integrated structure of the solution also bring great convenience to the operation and maintenance of the customer's data center

in addition, infrasuite also shows outstanding characteristics in many technical details, such as modular UPS system, with (n+x) fault-tolerant design, which can achieve automatic redundancy of power modules through built-in control mechanism. The distributed control logic enables the system to automatically synchronize and switch to the backup module when a power module fails, ensuring the continuous operation of ups. The hot plug function of its key parts and modules can improve the maintainability of the UPS system, so its toughening agents are mainly MBS and acrylate copolymers, which reduce the MTTR (average repair time) to close to zero, and ensure the longest normal operation time and best availability of the data center

the appearance of rpdc precision column head cabinet in the system is completely consistent with that of the cabinet, with shunt switch hot plugging, phase modulation, and shunt detection; PDU intelligent power distribution unit is vertically installed at the rear of the cabinet, which does not occupy the space of the cabinet. 3. Standard configuration problem: three basic configurations of intellectualization: host, microcomputer and printer have intelligent detection function; The inner unit of rowcool cabinet precision air conditioner adopts EC fan, which has the advantages of stepless speed regulation and high efficiency and energy saving. The outer unit adopts DC axial fan, which is also high efficiency and energy saving. In addition, because all products are of the same brand, they are convenient for installation, construction, commissioning and maintenance, and show a high degree of integration and aesthetics

Delta infrasuite data center solutions have been widely used in IDC, Internet, education, government, enterprises, medical and other industries, providing worry free protection for the safe operation of many data rooms. In this German e-commerce project, infrasuite is not only very cost-effective, but also can meet the expanding needs of IT equipment and is highly manageable, so as to help e-commerce create an efficient, energy-saving and reliable green data center and improve the user experience of power stations

About Delta:

founded in 1971, delta is a leading manufacturer of power management and heat dissipation solutions, and occupies a world-class important position in many product fields. Facing the increasingly serious issue of climate change, delta adheres to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, uses the core technology of power electronics, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including power supply and components, energy management and intelligent green life. At the same time, delta actively develops its brand and continues to provide efficient and reliable energy-saving solutions. Delta operates all over the world, with R & D centers and production bases in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, the United States, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe

in recent years, Delta has successively won a number of international honors and affirmation. Since 2011, Delta's tensile strength has been listed in the DJSI world index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for six consecutive years. In 2015, its overall score jumped to the top of the global electronic equipment industry, and it has been ranked as the DJSI emerging markets index for four consecutive years; Among them, five scores rank first in the global electronic equipment industry; In 2014, the annual evaluation results of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) were announced. Delta stood out from nearly 2000 listed enterprises participating in the CDP evaluation worldwide. It not only received the highest grade a evaluation, but also was the only enterprise in Greater China that was selected into the climate Performance Leadership index (CPLI)

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about Zhongda Diantong

founded in Shanghai in 1992, Zhongda Diantong has maintained an average annual growth rate of 27% since its inception, providing industrial users with efficient and reliable power, video, automation and energy management solutions. It ranks first in the market share of communication power supply and is also a leading manufacturer of video display and industrial automation solutions

Zhongda Diantong integrates the excellent power electronics and control technology of the parent company delta group, continues to introduce products with leading performance at home and abroad, and puts forward complete solutions based on the process needs of all walks of life under the in-depth understanding of the operating environment of Chinese customers, so as to create a competitive advantage for customers. Adhering to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, it has become a strategic partner of China Mobile in green action, and has successively launched a number of new applications in energy conservation, emission reduction and building energy conservation technologies. In order to meet customers' needs for uninterrupted operation, Zhongda Diantong has set up 45 branches, 74 technical service points and 12 maintenance points across the country. Relying on a well-trained technical service team, Zhongda provides customers with personalized and comprehensive pre-sales and in-sales services and the most reliable after-sales guarantee

after more than 20 years of intensive cultivation, with the efforts of 1300 employees, the turnover of Zhongda Diantong in 2015 was about 3.3 billion yuan. In the future, Zhongda will continue to innovate and create a smarter and more environmentally friendly future through close cooperation with customers

Zhongda Diantong is a reliable industrial partner

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