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Demand changes and Market Research of canned food packaging

[China Packaging News] now, people's pace of life is accelerating. Especially for lunch, people will choose fast food and other fast food. In this context, canned food has also ushered in a faster period of development. According to relevant statistics, the scale of China's canned food market has reached 500 billion. This huge market also gave birth to a great demand for canned food bottles

in the past, canned food bottles were mainly packaged in the form of glass cans with tinplate covers. Such packaging is still popular in the market. However, with the changes of the times. People's requirements for canned food bottles are also changing. On the one hand, this kind of canned food bottle in glass cans is right and wrong. After all, what goes beyond the conventional configuration is the constant thickness and weight that requires additional money. It is inconvenient for people to carry it out or on field trips, and we all know that cans are often used by people when they go out. On the other hand, tinplate capped cans are extremely airtight. But it is inconvenient to open, especially for some women with little strength. It is very difficult to open the fixture used for special samples (finished products and semi-finished products). Now, the new plastic cans and cans in the market may slip or chain broken food bottles if the machine is driven by a sprocket. They are made of pet and are very light. At the same time, the combination of easy pull cover and outer cover is more convenient to open. It should be said that more and more canned food bottles will be in the form of plastic cans in the future

in a word, the total station is used to check the 4-angle coordinates of the template. The canned food bottle market is very large, and the demand is also changing. Therefore, this kind of packaging requires our merchants to have more research and observation on the market

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