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The peak season is approaching, looking forward to the forced rise of polyurethane shares

the share price rose by more than 10% in two trading days! Recently, Wanhua chemical and Cangzhou Dahua announced to the outside world that the traditional peak season of polyurethane industry is coming. However, unlike the rapid rise in share prices, the product prices of the two companies have taken small steps

"daily economy" noted that the shares of polyurethane downstream real estate and automobile industry stocks, such as Vanke A and SAIC Motor, were almost stagnant, so some market participants ridiculed that the emperor was not in a hurry to increase funds, and the eunuch was in a hurry

share price warms up for the peak sales season

the change of polyurethane stocks began on August 12. On the same day, Wanhua chemical rose 8.81% and Cangzhou Dahua rose 7.04%. The next day, the two stocks did not die out, of which Wanhua chemical rose another 2.11% and Cangzhou Dahua rose another 4.72%

the daily economy noted that Wanhua chemical and Cangzhou Dahua had disclosed their semi annual reports on July 30 and August 3, respectively, with profits increasing and decreasing. Since then, the two companies have not issued other announcements. Therefore, analysts believe that the rise of the stock is related to the rise in the price of the company's products

according to the data, the aggregate MDI in East China has risen since August 5, with a starting price of 15950 yuan/ton. Yesterday, it has climbed to 17250 yuan/ton, an increase of 8.2%. The rise time of TDI is more than 10 days earlier than that of aggregate MDI. The starting price rise is 19500 yuan/ton, which has climbed to 21350 yuan/ton yesterday, with an increase of 9.5%

analysts believe that the reason for the price rise of the two products is that the traditional peak season of the polyurethane industry is coming. Analyst Cong Lin said: polyurethane industry products are mostly used in real estate and automobile fields. The two industries are known as "golden nine and silver ten", so this period of time is also the peak sales season of polyurethane industry. In order to pay attention to protecting the interests of consumers and prepare for war in advance, the manufacturer will adjust the product price accordingly in August

take last year as an example, the aggregate MDI increased from 18000 yuan/ton to 26000 yuan/ton, and the TDI increased from 20000 yuan/ton to 29500 yuan/ton. Another important reason for such a large increase is that some manufacturers stopped for maintenance. Conglin said: in the same period last year, three sets of TDI devices of Gansu Yinguang, Shanghai Bayer and BASF once stopped for maintenance, and the operating rate was relatively low after the resumption of production, which led to a tight market supply

the current market supply is relatively sufficient

however, analysts believe that MDI and TDI are unlikely to be as crazy as last year's energy-saving basic materials that are impervious to visible light but permeable to thermal radiation

Conglin said that at present, among TDI manufacturers, only Yantai Juli is stopping production for maintenance, and two sets of devices with a total of 80000 tons/year are expected to resume production this week. It is said that Shanghai Bayer has also set a maintenance schedule, which is probably scheduled for November, and the maintenance time is 15-20 days; In addition, the 100000 t/a TDI of southeast electrification will be put on the market in early October. Zhang Shenglin, an MDI analyst, said that at present, half of Bayer's devices are being overhauled in the MDI industry, and the overhaul time of Wanhua chemical Yantai plant is tentatively scheduled for October

in the case of sufficient market supply, MDI and TDI must rise by 8750 yuan and 8150 yuan per ton respectively to cover last year's peak. Both analysts said: it is extremely difficult

of course, polyurethane also has a stronger variety po

according to the data, Po in Shandong Province began to rise from 11550 yuan/ton in early July to 12850 yuan/ton yesterday, an increase of about 8.7%. According to the daily economy, the highest price of Po in the second half of last year was 13100 yuan/ton, which appeared at the end of August, which means that Po only needs to rise by 250 yuan per ton this year, which can cover the high point of last year. Does this possibility exist? Po analyst Tanliang insisted that the possibility was not high, while Po analyst Zhangxiaojuan believed that it was possible. She said: at present, Po manufacturers are moving goods smoothly or even without inventory. Although the increase in the late stage may not be as crazy as that in the early stage, the recent rebound in crude oil is good for po

at present, Binhua Co., Ltd. and Fangda Chemical Co., Ltd. in the A-share market all have this business, while jinbilan, a subsidiary of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd., has stopped production

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