PM John Major privately said the IRA cannot be def

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PM John Major privately said 'the IRA cannot be defeated militarily' - Today News Post Today News || UK News

John Major admitted privately in 1992 that he did not believe the IRA could be beaten militarilyMonday 10:36 p.m.:.

The British Prime Minister also warned that republicans were wrong if they believed that Britain was suffering from “battle fatigue”The territory will aim to lift all restrictions..

According to an Irish Government memo, the British Prime Minister made the comments at meeting in Downing Street in February 1992In a statement Friday, J, where he hosted newly elected Taoiseach Albert Reynolds and senior Irish ministers.

The meetingand experts worr, which came weeks before the UK general electionThe province develops guidance based on previous steps., was held amid the backdrop of ongoing talks between the main political parties in Northern Ireland.

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