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Industry experts teach you the true and false identification of Simon switches

>& gt;& gt; Image and text: how to distinguish between true and false lanneng switches

now on the market, switches are half true and half false, as cheap as 1· ~ There are both of them. Some people think that the switch is just a small thing and don't care too much! This idea is really wrong

using electricity is the biggest guarantee for family safety, and the quality of its carrier switch socket is crucial. The switch socket with good quality is the important guarantee of household electricity safety

now let's talk about the true and false discrimination of Simon switch:

1 First of all, it's best to buy from regular merchants. Generally, agents have letters of authorization

2. Look at the appearance. The appearance of genuine switches is free of any defects, the appearance is flat and bright, and the material on the back is white. There is a 50g version in the market, which is the engineering version, and its back is black

3. Material odor. Simon's genuine switches and sockets smell very little, and the smell of fakes is very strong

4. Weight. Fake goods are lighter than genuine ones

5. Can log in Check whether it is true or not. This is because you have bought the Simon switch. Pay attention to the different places you choose to buy when querying, but there are also cases of transferring goods from other places

the output value of switches is relatively small in home decoration, but weak electricity such as telephone and computer lines is relatively expensive. Most of the time, the discount given by illegal businesses is very cheap, but you can exchange a telephone and computer line to earn more profits. But in this way, the telephone and computer are easy to break down. Therefore, when selecting the switch, we should not pay attention to the price blindly. Cheap may not be cheap in fact





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