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Nowadays, many bedrooms are irregular: interesting angles, arcs, spires, inclined walls, etc., and some have attached small skylights. Although the appearance is not as good as that of a square room, it is interesting to use as a bedroom. For the special-shaped bedroom, the decoration layout can also break the Convention, be bold and out of line, get rid of the cumbersome and regular wardrobe, and replace it with a flexible cloakroom. The background wall and decorative ornaments can make an exception to choose alternative shapes and bright colors. In short, some can be outside the conventional thinking. But at the same time, there are disadvantages in the heteromorphic bedroom: it brings trouble to the people living there. The sloping roof, with a very low floor height, brings a sense of oppression to the vision; The room with arc or herringbone roof, although the floor height is very high, the bedroom looks deserted and lacks warmth &hellip& hellip; The furniture collocation of arc bedroom should be smooth. There were many semi arc bedrooms before: an arc-shaped balcony wall in the bedroom caused the irregularity of the overall space. Such houses usually have large French windows and high floors, so the natural lighting conditions of the space are very good and the indoor light is sufficient. In addition, the curved wall can bring a lively atmosphere to the space, but there is a difficulty &mdash& mdash; Furniture placement, curved space, square furniture is always uncomfortable. When processing, you can add curved floor to ceiling windows with curved wooden panes and curtains to surround the bedroom big bed to highlight the characteristics of the curved bedroom. A small spotlight is installed on the edge of the arc roof, and a floor lamp is installed on the lower part of the head of the bed, so that the arc-shaped light shines in the space

there are many bedrooms that use ceiling to transform dormer windows: a large area of sunken roof forms a skylight (commonly known as dormer window). Generally, the indoor space area of such a bedroom is not large, but the sunken skylight opening of the inclined roof is large, and the ventilation and lighting conditions are good. Adding a curved ceiling on the beam can well alleviate the visual pressure. Add good quality and beautiful k> to the skylight; Curtains can not only beautify the artistic conception of the bedroom, but also play a windproof and shading effect





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