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Hundreds of cities and thousands of stores are fully distributed! Millennium boat explosion photocatalyst antibacterial plate: help the golden nine silver ten decoration season

2020 is a special year. The COVID-19 at the beginning of the year makes people have different views on society and life. Now, the haze of the epidemic has gradually dissipated, everything has restarted, and consumers' consumption habits, purchase methods, consumption focus and consumption ideas have changed

on March 15, 2020, the "China Health Consumption brand survey" launched by the China Brand Development Institute of people's daily was officially released com。 Research shows that most people attach great importance to health, environmental protection, financial management and online medical care, which lays the foundation for the future market consumption pattern

for the building materials and home furnishing industry, health and environmental protection are the eternal theme. After the epidemic, people's health requirements for building materials and household products will only become higher and higher. Based on this consumption trend, the Millennium boat product R & D team took the lead in launching "antibacterial series" products in the industry. In April, it took the lead in listing anion net aldehyde ecological board. In August, a new member of the "antibacterial family" - photocatalyst antibacterial board was added

Millennium boat photocatalyst antibacterial plate

Millennium boat photocatalyst antibacterial plate is a new type of plate that relies on the technological precipitation and product advantages of the plate industry for more than 20 years, takes Millennium boat Blockboard as the substrate, applies the new generation of nano photocatalyst technology, ionizes the air, damages the cell membrane of bacteria in the air, inhibits and decomposes the synthesis of bacterial protein, and decomposes harmful substances into non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide and water from the root. On the basis of maintaining the advantages of paint free and flat furniture ecological board, it provides an effective guarantee for the health of the home environment

* the antibacterial rate> 99.99% comes from the experimental results of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae tested in vitro by a third-party laboratory in March 2020

01, national distribution

in early August, once the announcement of the launch of new photocatalyst antibacterial plates was released, it received a warm response from service providers across the country, and hundreds of cities and thousands of stores across the country quickly began to distribute goods

reporters from Netease also came to the Millennium boat store to report on the hot sale of the new photocatalyst antibacterial board

02. Patented technology

Millennium boat photocatalyst antibacterial plate uses Millennium boat's exclusive patented technology, which is another successful practice since the implementation of Millennium boat's technology leadership strategy

On September 8, Millennium boat photocatalyst antibacterial board and other Millennium boat star products appeared at the 26th China International Furniture Exhibition in Shanghai. Environmental protection, green and healthy product characteristics and unique space display mode have attracted a group of exhibitors to watch and take photos

as of September 25, less than two months after the launch of Millennium boat photocatalyst antibacterial board, the first batch of distribution has been completed in hundreds of cities and thousands of stores across the country, and the first batch of hot sales has been completed in some regions, and the second and third waves are being actively planned

at present, the launch of new products of Millennium boat photocatalyst antibacterial plate is still hot, and more product experience and interaction will be done around end consumers in the future. Millennium boat has always adhered to the concept of building a "green and healthy home" for global consumers, never forgetting its original intention and taking practical actions to "create a healthy home and lead a quality life". In addition to environmental protection, good plate also has design. We are on the way to "design, future and life" for consumers and b-end users




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