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Brand has been a hot topic in all walks of life, perhaps influenced by some high-end brands. Many enterprises regard brand as "duckweed in the water" and "straw for help". Of course, high-end brand image is conducive to the development of enterprises, but it is difficult to break the simple concept of playing brand when the career is in a downturn. Then faced with heavy pressure, how should aluminum door and window enterprises play with the brand and break the dilemma

in the aluminum door and window industry, the so-called brand operation is actually used to do just a few tricks. First, the exhibition hall is getting bigger and bigger, and the decoration is becoming more and more luxurious. Second, many people invest in hard advertising. From the beginning, they are keen to participate in professional exhibitions to the later large-scale outdoor advertising, and then to the investment of television advertising. Third, they do all kinds of terminal promotion activities, which are nothing more than to bring together various forums, salons, banquets and tours of space designers, or various promotions, Star support, President signing, and so on. High price, deep discount, and rebate have become popular means of brand terminal operation

how can door and window enterprises break the dilemma in the new era of brand development

all these rough methods not only increase the operating cost, but also severely overdraw the brand reputation and lowered the brand image through excessive promotion by all means. In a detailed calculation, many of the costs of brand investment are actually mainly consumed in the implementation links that do not generate value to users. This cost must ultimately come from sheep, which should be borne by consumers. What should be more worrying is, Even if they can sell at a fairly good price, many brand aluminum door and window manufacturers may not be able to make money. Under the general trend of overcapacity, product homogeneity, intense competition and information transparency, many brand enterprises are falling in price and volume, and are unable to move

at present, there are not many enterprises that are really making brands in the aluminum door and window industry. Most of the so-called brand operations are just copying the operation mode of franchised stores, and many franchised stores of different brands simply can't see any difference. Just change their names, and they can all be used as they are. There is no trick in this way of making a brand. It is so simple, so a large number of brand enterprises that have nothing to show and make up for are being beaten back to their original shape

in this sense, now is exactly the ideal opportunity to be a brand. After repeated education on both sides, consumers have gradually improved their disillusionment, and promoted the aluminum door and window industry to move from the chaos of abandonment and chaos to order. A real brand new era of aluminum door and window industry is coming. The symbolic stage of the professional reshuffle is to wash away many backward brands of "corpse vegetarian food" and together give birth to a number of new progressiveness brands. Only this brand is not that brand, and both the way and the content must be closer to the essence of commercial value




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