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New year's Day is coming, and LeLe and Lao Wang's wedding is also coming soon. For half a year before, the couple had been busy decorating their new house, and after the decoration was completed, they were busy getting married. Now they are finally a little empty. Looking at their beautiful home, Lele couldn't help taking out a photo opportunity to take a wild shot.... Think about getting married on New Year's day, and then living in this beautiful little home with Lao Wang. Lele is happy for a while. Because they like the style of IKEA, they almost moved the model of IKEA back home, copying it as if the mixed marriage house is also good

the original house type of this house is an old-fashioned public house with two bedrooms and one living room, and the couple has changed into a wedding house with one bedroom and one living room. Self designed with passion and longing for life, a perfect love nest came into being. According to the original room type structure, it was originally a bedroom, which was connected with the original small hall after transformation to become a large living room, and the structural beam was also clearly visible. The living room is divided into an area as a dining room, which is equipped with two chandeliers to echo with the dining table. The overall furniture is European style Colin series, which is matched with IKEA's sofa, bookshelf and other combination decoration. The feeling of mixing and matching comes from this, which avoids the overly feminine characteristics of rural pastoral style and discards the pure sense of IKEA; On the contrary, it is more intriguing. Exquisite decorations are all over every corner of the house, and there are reasons to linger everywhere. The bookshelf in the corner is self assembled and purchased from IKEA. The wood grain texture on the surface of the varnish is clearly visible, and the tone is also very harmonious with the atmosphere of the whole room. The kitchen is not large, but it has all the internal organs and everything you need. The frame of the mirror in the bathroom is so beautiful. See if it matches the sofa in the living room




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