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Chinaplas 2011 field interview - SABIC IP adheres to the sustainable development of green

SABIC basic innovative plastics is a leading supplier of engineering thermoplastic materials in the world, with 75 years of experience in providing corresponding breakthrough solutions to the most urgent problems faced by customers. The company continues to be a leader in the plastics industry by cooperating with customers and continuously investing in the development of new polymer technologies, global application products, process technologies and environmental protection solutions to meet the needs of many industries, such as automobile, electronics, construction, transportation and health care. At the 25th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (chinaplas2011) in Guangzhou, Charlie crew, President and CEO of saber basic innovative plastics, received an exclusive interview, focusing on the company's sustainable development solutions

charliecrewe, President and CEO of saber basic innovative plastics

: what is the business situation of your company from the financial crisis to now

Charlie Crewe: in fact, the worst situation in the industry was in the second half of 2008 and the first half of 2009. Since the first quarter of 2009, the industry has begun to recover its development, especially in durable goods, such as television, computers and other electronic products, the medical industry, transportation, agricultural equipment and so on. The demand in these areas is picking up, and has basically returned to the level before the financial crisis. The only difficulty now is that the construction market, especially in Europe and the United States, has not fully recovered to its previous state. However, the buildings in China and India are developing rapidly, so in addition to the building materials market, the demand of other industries is rebounding. Now we have noticed the emergence of some new demand, especially the medical industry, which has a large demand for independent facilities. Now some people hope to have a home-based medical service, so the medical industry is the new focus of future development. In addition, we have a new focus, that is, we hope to help customers make their products continuously develop and differentiate

: I have noticed the LED plastic products launched by your company. What do you think of the development prospect of engineering plastics in LED

Charlie Crewe: I think our products can become the driving force of the LED market, because our products are very suitable for the LED lighting industry. The new product has good fluidity, can be extruded, can be injected into film, is very thin, and is not easy to break, so it is very suitable for LED products such as fixed lighting devices, indoor lighting and automobile headlamps, so we think this prospect is very good. Our PC products are very flexible. It enables our customers to make products by injection or film forming. We also produce a PC film, which can be applied to LED products by extrusion. In addition, the brightness of our PC plastics can be improved, which can help customers improve their production efficiency and make production safer and more energy-saving. Therefore, we have done a lot to solve these problems. Our PC products are very suitable for promoting the promotion of engineering plastics in the LED market

: at the press conference just now, you also introduced some important investments in China, including the new PC factory and the establishment of a new R & D center in Shanghai. Can you talk about the main R & D direction of the new Shanghai R & D center

Charlie Crewe: because we have a technical project in cooperation with General Electric (GE), which includes technical research and development and commercial construction. Therefore, it is planned to spend a year and a half to build a new R & D center. Now the project is under construction, and the formal construction can be carried out after the completion of the project. And the new SABIC China headquarters will be completed in 2013, when SABIC employees and GE employees will move there

: in 2006, your company established a notebook R & D center. I would like to ask how the current R & D center operates

Charlie Crewe: the notebook R & D center mainly cooperates with the consumer electronics industry and the notebook industry to provide our customers with continuous driving force and force for change. Our partners include international multinational companies and some Chinese local companies to help them innovate in materials, synthesis, processing and other aspects and improve the application level of our customers. In fact, the electronics industry was mainly our focus from the 1990s to 2000. Now our vision has expanded to other industries, such as automobile, transportation, medical treatment, etc., so our technology center is really providing services for customers, allowing customers to touch the new technologies we provide, including materials, equipment applications, and processing processes, Help customers transform technology into applications

:sabicip has always attached great importance to sustainable development, including the development of many recyclable materials, whose performance can also meet many high-end applications. I think this may become an important trend in the development of recycled materials in the future. How about the overall business development of high-quality application of sabicip recycled materials

Charlie Crewe: I think sustainable development is very important. Sustainable development can help customers meet their requirements. We have been focusing on sustainable development for many years. We have different processes to help customers recycle their materials, and have achieved very good results, helping customers increase the added value of products. The core of sustainable development is to protect resources and reduce waste by selecting verification points at intervals of 2:5:10. Our engineering thermoplastic materials can be processed for many times and recycled for many times. We provide customers with this kind of renewable materials for sustainable use, help them transform this technology into their own products, and then provide them to their customers, Our customers also use the concept and materials of sustainable development, so we have played a very important role in helping customers go to the market and promote sustainable development. We not only make our products more economical, but also make our products more ecological. Customers in different industries have different requirements for recycling and sustainable development. For example, some customers mainly want to improve the efficiency in the production process and energy use efficiency. Some customers, such as the automotive industry, are concerned about reducing the generation of waste. We need to consider customers' requirements for sustainable development in the design and development process

: the theme of Chinaplas is green manufacturing. SABIC has introduced many materials related to green materials, including the concept of "going up the mountain to herd sheep" to realize energy conservation and environmental protection by using SABIC materials. What suggestions do you have for customers to better realize green production in the process of using SABIC green materials

Charlie Crewe: I think there are two points. The first point is that we should participate in the customer's design as soon as possible. If we participate in the design as soon as possible, we can better help customers save materials and spare parts. Earlier participation in the design can help customers choose lighter materials and reduce material and energy consumption. The second point is that we need to cooperate closely with customers in manufacturing processes. We need to cooperate closely with them in technology, including material selection and processing process optimization, which can help customers improve production efficiency, increase product volume and reduce waste

: Based on your years of experience in engineering plastics, can you predict the important development of engineering plastics in the last oneortwo years or three to five years

Charlie Crewe: our materials can not only help save costs, but also have many applications and innovations. They can also help the whole system save costs. Therefore, engineering plastics can provide a solution in many aspects. Now a major development trend is the application of engineering plastics in the industries of energy, batteries, consumer electronics and automobiles. I think we should 2. Participate in the initial design of customers as early as possible in the beam operation inspection of plastic tensile testing machine, and form a strategic partnership with them as early as possible to help customers solve problems. Whether in the next two years, five years or ten years, engineering plastics have very good development prospects, and they adapt to the largest development trend in the world

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