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Chinatelecom intends to achieve 100million CDMA users in 2009. The newly established Chinatelecom terminal company is expected to become the largest distributor in China, surpassing the current chinapost Putai and Tianyin, and will also surpass Unicom Huasheng, which collected 10million terminals last year

although the acquired C assets have not been fully liquidated, Chinatelecom, China's oldest operator, has quickly established the latest organizational structure. Recently, the headquarters of Chinatelecom issued a document to set up a relatively independent mobile business organization structure outside the existing three major business departments of government and enterprises, families and individuals, so as to fully enter the mobile communication market

in this mobile service architecture where water absorption (water repellency) and moisture flow density (air permeability) of water vapor are to be met at the same time, in addition to the necessary network construction (mobile construction department), network optimization (wireless network optimization Center) and marketing department (personal customer Affairs Department), the most important change is the establishment of China Telecom Terminal Company. The company, funded and established by China Telecom Corporation, is a secondary department responsible for the customization and centralized purchase of mobile terminals. It has been assessed by the individual customer department and basically copied the Unicom Huasheng model. And improve cycle time and production efficiency, etc.

according to Chinatelecom's previous "customer focused information innovation strategy", the entire company's organizational structure is divided into government enterprises, families and individuals according to customers, and all other front-end and back-end support departments are embedded in a unified way, without secondary independent departments. Only the mobile business department is an independent business department with a complete set of professional systems. It can be seen that Chinatelecom attaches importance to mobile services

it is understood that the mobile business system is basically operated by the former Unicom department under the leadership of vice president yangxiaowei. At present, except for the terminal company, the leadership of other business departments has been basically determined

in addition to following the Unicom mode in the terminal mode, Chinatelecom also adopts a common mode for listed companies to treat new investments: a joint-stock company acquires and operates CDMA business, and leases the network from the group that acquires CDMA network assets

in the new organizational structure, the former China Telecom mobile communication office and the Northern Telecom Business Division were abolished at the same time. The relevant businesses of the mobile office have been transferred to the individual customer department and the terminal company. After the cancellation of the Northern Telecom Business Department, the telecom companies of the nine northern provinces belong to the headquarters for management

the largest terminal distributor

the mobile business department created by Chinatelecom is facing the primary goal of doubling the number of CDMA users in 2009, approaching the 100million mark

according to the plan, the current scale will increase from more than 40 million to 100million, and the demand for terminals by new users alone will reach about 50million. According to the analysis of insiders, due to the small market, few types and imperfect channels of CDMA terminals, Chinatelecom will still focus on centralized purchase in the initial stage. In this way, the newly established Chinatelecom terminal company is expected to become the largest distributor in China, surpassing the current chinapost Putai and Tianyin, and will also surpass Unicom Huasheng, which collected 10million terminals last year

it is also revealed that the whereabouts of Unicom Huasheng are still under negotiation. The personnel participating in the negotiation between the two sides revealed that Huasheng, with mature terminal customization operation experience and 3000 employee system, is the focus of China Unicom and telecom assets negotiation. At present, it is known that Huasheng personnel may be diverted to a part of the telecom terminal company, but the overall framework remains in Unicom to undertake the task of customizing WCDMA terminals

grain and grass first

pull the team and buy terminals. Chinatelecom has done more than that to double the target of 100 million

last week, the head of the planning department of the National Telecom Branch gathered at Nanyueyuan Hotel, South Third Ring Road, Beijing to plan a specific network investment plan. After acquiring Unicom CDMA, wangxiaochu, general manager of Chinatelecom, said that cdma1xevdor would be directly adopted in the subsequent network expansion A technology. For this reason, as early as in, due to the intermittent, unstable, uncontrollable and other natural attributes of renewable energy, relevant patent negotiations with Qualcomm had been initiated

at the same time, after announcing the acquisition, Chinatelecom quickly submitted an application for/mhz frequency use right to relevant departments, and applied for 186 and 185 number use rights and reserved 189 number use rights. In addition, a series of policies, such as the independent brand of CDMA business and the migration method of PHS users, have been formulated. Everything is ready. After the Olympic Games, the CDMA made by Chinatelecom will come on stage

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