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Chinatelecom joined hands with Ericsson to build the IOT open platform

following 2 it is better to use oil according to the requirements of the manual. On June 27, 2017, Chinatelecom joined hands with Ericsson and other global partners to officially launch the IOT open platform of Chinatelecom. On August 4, Shandong company of Chinatelecom signed a partner framework agreement with Lianxiang, and Lenovo became the first user of the IOT open platform of Chinatelecom, This marks that the platform officially has the ability to provide customers with global connection management

global connectivity and unified access

open innovation, security and credibility

data perception and intelligent decision-making

Ericsson DCP adopts a globally consistent platform system to achieve unified management of IOT connection services, so as to ensure a globally unified service level agreement (SLA), a globally unified portal experience and a globally unified network access method. Operators can firmly lock in the IOT market with the help of this platform

the IOT open platform of Chinatelecom is composed of three parts: connection management, application enabling (application development, data service, intelligent analysis, and interconnection with third-party systems) and vertical services. Global, safe and reliable end-to-end services run through the whole process. The professional global IOT connection management platform based on cloud architecture enables operators to achieve global collaboration and provide customers with unified standards and processes for IOT device management, subscription management, network connection management and flexible and diverse billing modes. Thus, customers can seamlessly deploy and uniformly manage their IOT devices worldwide, so as to ensure a unified global service process and a unified user experience, greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs

2017, Magnus Rahm, vice president of Ericsson's global operations, said at the global conference of Chinatelecom's IOT open platform that IOT is a rapidly developing field. Ericsson will help customers seize opportunities through its professional ability in the field of IOT, work with Chinatelecom to jointly promote the intelligent reconstruction of customers' network, business, operation and management, and stimulate the infinite potential of IOT

Chinatelecom leads the development of IOT. Ericsson, as a partner of its strategic Jinan gold testing machine to ensure quality and increase mutual trust, aims to work together to accelerate the application and extensive deployment of IOT in various industries

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