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Chinatelecom made its debut at the Expo and established the Shanghai "Internet +" innovation and development alliance. The 2015 China International Industry Expo kicked off in Shanghai. Chinatelecom, the leading domestic communication infrastructure operator, appeared at the Expo with its new Internet + services. At the same time, Shanghai Internet + innovation and Development Alliance initiated by Chinatelecom Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Telecom) was officially established. Shaozhiqing, deputy director of the Commission of economy and information technology, mayimin, general manager of Shanghai Telecom, yanzhiqing, vice president of Microsoft Greater China, Yan Xuan, President of Nielsen Greater China and other guests attended the founding ceremony of the alliance

Shanghai Internet + innovation and development alliance established

under the guidance of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Shanghai Internet + innovation and development alliance is composed of Shanghai Telecom, alliance companies and entrepreneurs. It aims to promote Internet + innovation and support entrepreneurs through mutual cooperation. At present, Microsoft, Nielsen, IBM, Fudan University and many other companies, schools and institutions have joined the alliance. According to c114, when the first batch of special innovation plan resources are all D1 > 9, the size deviation and appearance quality are unqualified; Shanghai Telecom undertakes that Shanghai Telecom will invest tens of millions to support 100 industry university research teams and 200 scientific and technological innovation enterprises

the first batch of special innovation plans are divided into innovation 1+1 and big data t plan. Innovation 1+1 provides entrepreneurs with virtual machine, traffic package and other information facilities including equipment, information security and information office, and effectively reduces the threshold of entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can log in to apply, and the successful team will receive information product support worth up to 15million yuan

big data t plan is a plan for Shanghai Telecom to open data resources, share telecom data with entrepreneurs and realize data reuse, also known as Shanghai Telecom big data experimental platform. C114 learned that Shanghai Telecom will open one month's general network historical data on the platform, including fixed line, C and base station positioning data. The amount of open data exceeds 35TB. The entrepreneurial team can not only use these data for free, but also enjoy the relevant training provided by Shanghai Telecom. In addition, from November this year, Shanghai Telecom will hold a modeling contest in some universities in Shanghai to recruit college students' entrepreneurial teams, and inject funds into the successful teams or potential products

Tianyi network drives scientific and technological innovation

scientific and technological innovation is inseparable from the basic network. Shanghai Telecom makes use of its network advantages to create comprehensive network services for science and innovation, and provide integrated network services for major science and innovation parks and enterprises. In addition, it also provides enterprise IT network services, cloud office applications and other information services for enterprises in the science and innovation park to truly realize cloud office

comprehensive network service of science and Innovation: it aims to provide standardized network and management solutions for the science and Innovation Park, including not only high-quality wired/wireless telecommunications network, but also on-site exclusive and park network operation management services, which reduces the supporting construction cost of the science and Innovation Park, and entrepreneurs can easily settle in. C114 learned at the scene that the solution has been implemented in Fudan Science Park, Donghai square maker center and other science and technology innovation parks

lsn (regional cloud): a customizable mobile workstation product. Enterprise employees can work anytime, anywhere by binding cloud desktop, IP and other office equipment through their account

Chinatelecom windows azure cloud application store: in June this year, Chinatelecom and Microsoft jointly launched Chinatelecom windows azure cloud application store, which is committed to solving the software application development and distribution of SaaS (software as a service) layer for small and medium-sized enterprises in the cloud era. Build a customer-oriented third-party independent SaaS service trading platform by bringing together small and medium-sized software developers. So far, Chinatelecom's windows azure cloud application store has received applications from 47 ISVs (independent software developers), and has successfully settled in 28, with 53 online applications, becoming the largest cloud application platform providing SaaS services in China

office365 enterprise office services: in September 2015, Chinatelecom became the first Microsoft Office 365 cloud direct sales partner in Chinese Mainland. This service is based on Microsoft cloud platform technology to provide customers with a full set of office software services. It includes the latest version of office software, which can meet the needs of mail processing, file sharing, instant messaging and visual network meetings. At present, Chinatelecom has officially SOLD office 365 enterprise office services

put on a security coat for enterprises and families

has a solid network foundation, strong information services, and enterprise information security can not be ignored. According to the different security needs of different enterprises, Shanghai Telecom has launched a series of information security products to put on a security coat for enterprises. At the same time, the boundless and readily accessible internet has made many parents worry that children and teenagers are exposed to and tend to overheat bad information or use the Internet too much. Shanghai Telecom has independently developed a comprehensive green upper control product baby guard

internet station security detection platform: it is a platform developed by Shanghai Telecom for enterprise portal security. The platform implements 7*24-hour security detection for enterprise stations, and timely monitors security vulnerabilities, station tampering, station hanging horse and other problems of enterprise stations

ddos attack protection service: This is an operator level security value-added service, which can protect against DDoS attacks through centrally deployed cleaning centers and active monitoring equipment. After opening the DDoS monitoring and alarm service, enterprises can log in to the DDoS monitoring and alarm service platform to participate in DDoS protection. Their business scope mainly focuses on the manufacturing of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions used in many fields of daily life. Through this platform, enterprises can more actively and timely grasp the alarm information of DDoS attacks

This kind of material is a mixture of mineral ingredients extracted from seawater and polypropylene

baby guard: through the control terminal and home broadband, it adopts content filtering and online control to help children and adolescents reasonably plan their time and guide them to use the Internet safely, healthily and scientifically

a variety of products promote the level of education informatization

education is the foundation for building a country, and the campus is the source of talents. Promoting the level of educational informatization and realizing the popularization and sharing of educational resources are the key areas to be explored by Shanghai Telecom in the information age. At present, the universities and institutions cooperating with them include Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji, Donghua University, Shanghai University, Open University and new world education group, with production hours of 10000 hours. The course fields include HD course recording, quality course production, MOOC course planning, micro class presentation and real shooting, etc

e-book bag: it is a mobile product launched for primary and secondary schools. The e-book bag connects students, teachers and parents closely. With the tablet computer as the carrier and connected to the wireless network, teachers can assign electronic homework and answer questions; Students can learn, evaluate and submit homework. Parents can also know their children's learning situation in real time through this product, so as to further improve the informatization level of primary and secondary education and realize paperless teaching

Chinatelecom colleges and Universities: as part of the comprehensive solution for continuing education, it is an educational product launched by Shanghai Telecom in cooperation with Donghua and other universities. It includes one click educational administration management, multi-mode teaching deduction, whole process teaching management, and detailed and visible teaching decisions, providing all-round teaching support for colleges, universities, teachers and students

HD course shooting base: it is the core of comprehensive solutions for continuing education. Shanghai Telecom has invested and established several HD course production bases and set up professional production teams to provide a series of services including early course planning, production, post packaging, course operation, etc. to develop course resources for colleges and training institutions in an all-round, multi-level and wide range, solve the worries of HD course production in Colleges and universities, and become a platform for course exchange between colleges and universities

Digital Campus: an expansion of the campus cloud platform, it mainly provides efficient and convenient information support in campus management, school-based research, campus activities, home school interaction, etc., and provides rich campus information applications for school teachers, students and parents

in addition, Shanghai Telecom has also launched a mobile learning application app, which is an extension of the comprehensive solution for continuing education. Teachers and students can watch all kinds of learning videos at any time through this app, realizing free learning anytime, anywhere

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